Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec 25, 2011 A Christmas Hymn

Merry Christmas!!!
Christmas has been exciting here at the MTC, I have gotten a lot of packages, letters, watched A Christmas Carol, and even got to listen to Elder Bednar speak.

Letters and Packages
Thanks everyone for sending me stuff, it REALLY brightens my day when I got your letters and packages. It’s weird that this is my primary way of keeping connected to you. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of all of you!

Christmas Carol
Last night we watched A Christmas Carol; there were some funny moments that I think explain the MTC.
  • When Scrooge was rejected by Belle all of the missionaries cheered. Misery loves company
  • BUT everyone also cheered when Bob Cratchet kissed his wife.
  • The thing that I think BEST explains us is when the Cratchet family prays, the entire gym went silent and many of the missionaries (me included) bowed their heads out of habit.)
Elder Bednar
He gave a great talk about following Christ's example and turning outward and serving others. He said a lot of interesting things, but I will have to write about them later because the computers are REALLY slow right now because EVERYONE is on right now.

I love you all and hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!!!
Elder Ball

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