Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec 24, 2011 The Fellowship of the District

(Coming Unto) The Lord of the Rings (and Everything Else)
Part 1
The Fellowship of the District
It all began, as every good story should, with a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, but the sandwich to RULE THEM ALL. Also none as the Jimmy John's Italian Night Club. With a sandwich in one hand and my immunizations in another I was prepared to begin the most important journey of my life thus far. Leaving the Shire was hard, but Mommy and Daddy Hobbits had taught me that every good 19 year old male Hobbit (And 21 year old girl Hobbits if they wish) should go on an epic journey. I didn't know what to expect of the journey, but I was going. 

With my Jimmy John's Italian Night Club sandwich carefully hidden I braved the first few steps with an Elder who showed me to a line. I went through from group to group quickly and efficiently, wondering the entire time when I would have the chance to eat my Jimmy John's Italian Night Club sandwich. After getting my name tag, my loaner companion ushered me to my room where I thought I would be FINALLY able to eat my Jimmy John's Italian Night Club sandwich (;) "Not So," said my loaner companion, turned dark lord, "You must first make the fellowship of your district!" I reluctantly agreed because my Jimmy John's Italian Night Club sandwich (idk?) was getting soggier and less appetizing by the minute. 

The loaner companion, turned Dark Lord, showed me to my room where I met the first of the district: Elder Samulian, a dark haired, noble dwarf, and Elder Kenniard, a mysterious human of certain royal heritage. They waved hello and I looked at them, anxiously wondering which of them would be my companion. Neither were, but my teacher, the Wizard Walden, directed me to a computer where I battled a rule Orc. (The first of many.) I obediently vanquished the foe and returned to the room, where I met (almost) the rest of the fellowship: Elder (Tyler) Burke, a hobbit like me, from the Shire, he is very Merry and keeps us laughing; Elder Steele, a potato farming Elf from the mysterious land of Idaho, he is very tall; and Elder Watson, a hobbit from the neighboring Shire of Spanish Fork, he is a quiet hobbit, usually hunched over, shy, and very eager. Elder Watson was chosen to be my companion. 

The Wizard Walden guided us through some simple Spanish Orcs before going to a large meeting. We met with a council of elves and battled more rule orcs. My sandwich continued growing soggy, but eventually we vanquished the foe. 

We went to the lunchroom and had our first celebration feast. I proudly brought out the sandwich to RULE THEM ALL, cut it in half, and shared it with my companion. A neighboring Elder looked at the sandwich with jealousy, but I warded off his glares from MY PRECIOUS. 


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