Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 31, 2012 Christmas in Argentina!

Christmas in Argentina!

Christmas night is all about fireworks here in Argentina. After going to bed at 11, Elder Ipsen and I waited excitedly for midnight. Cameras at our side we were both very excited to see the hundreds of fireworks that lit up the sky. Earlier in the day we had seen the huge stores go up overnight, selling thousands of fireworks to our little city. At midnight we climbed up the stairs to get the view from the roof. I wish I could send you all a picture of the sky. It was amazing.

Of couse the best thing that happened last week was Skyping my family. It was SO much better that way! The little girls aren´t so little anymore. My older brother is still studying hard.  My Grandma cried. And best of all was seeing mom and dad.

This week we also still went out every day. We use hand signals to teach the 10 commandments. We taught one kid. He went and taught all the kids in his neighborhood. The next day a bunch of kids asked us to teach them too. So we taught them and then had them teach their parents. We´ll see where this goes!

Love you all!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 17, 2012 The End of the World

The End of the World

Haha . . . you guys are probably hearing a lot about that right now. I haven´t heard too much about it. Investigators just like asking us what we think. We try and answer the question without going too far away from the lesson. Usually it ends up being something like ´´Jesus taught that no one but His Father knows when He will come. We don´t know if He will be coming tomorrow or in a hundred years. Either way it is important to prepare ourselves for when He does come. The best way to do that is . . . ´´

I had a really funny thing happen this week. I lost my USB. (Which is a big deal, all my music is on there and a few church videos).  I started looking through the entire apartment looking for it. Soon the other missionaries joined in. We looked everywhere. It was kind of ridiculous in how many places we looked. But we didn´t find it. Finally I gave up and went to bed. The next morning as I was praying, I felt a sense of calm that I would find it later in the day. We had a missionary meeting in San Salvador. When we came back later, I went to my English Scriptures and found the thing hidden in the case. All that work to find it when it was in the scriptures the whole time! I guess that compares to the way we search for answers everywhere, only to realize that the answer was in the scriptures the whole time.

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Season! It is going by WAY too fast here in Argentina!


An Ice Cream Cake that was SUPER good. 

The hike to this beautiful lake where Elder Ipsen and I got to go through an area that said 'NO TRESPASSING' because we asked. So we got to go take pictures from this bridge and tower.


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10, 2012 Pictures or not

This week as we were visiting some references down a street we noticed a girl laugh at us and walk into her house. We decided to go and knock anyways because someone had told us they might be interested. We ended up teaching a lesson! I guess we never know who will or won´t accept us. Even when it looks like they really don´t, it doesn´t hurt to ask!

Well I am trying to send pictures . . . from the computers I have been on the last few weeks. But, if I could send you pictures, they would probably show:

The cakes some sister missionaries made for my birthday last district meeting and the candle that was more of a firework;

The hike to this beautiful lake where Elder Ipsen and I got to go through an area that said NO TRESSPASSING, because we asked. So we got to go take pictures from this bridge and tower.

An Ice Cream Cake from the Cadena family that was SUPER good. At dinner they had us face the wall and close our eyes. I was worried something terrible was about to happen. But it turned out that they had a cake prepared. This candle wasn´t nearly as terrifying. So I made a wish and blew it out.

But sadly I can´t send pictures because of the computers that I have been forced to use these last few weeks. I did have a WONDERFUL birthday though, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone!

This week I had to hold back a laugh when a 6 year old told an investigator to only take ONE piece of the bread when the sacrament was passed around. His parent had taught him well.

The Gospel is True and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec 3, 2012 A Really Good Week

This morning I got up and made German Pancakes and Rolls. The first time for both here in Argentina. You have to light the oven with a match and then try and adjust the flame to get the right temperature. I am really happy that they turned out so well.

This week Elder Viñas of the Seventy toured the mission. He asked all of us to prepare a talk on the Atonement and how it affects our mission. He explained how as we get closer to Christ we are sometimes more aware of our shortcomings than we ever have been in our life. I was so grateful for him reminding me of that. The mission is a very active environment and I have become very familiar with my shortcomings.  

Elder Ipsen and I have been working very hard on getting more people to church. I think one of the most frustrating things on my mission is respecting the agency of others. My job is to testify with the spirit and the rest is really up to the investigator. 

I keep hearing about my friends who are leaving on missions! I am so excited to see the work going forward! Congrats on your calls!

Well my camera just died, so I will have to wait another week to show you my AMAZING pictures.


*Elder Taylor Ball*


Monday, November 26, 2012

Nov 26, 2012 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Sorry I am late, but I wanted to wait until I celebrated it too haha! Today we went as a district to a park in Carmen. It is REALLY pretty up there. We ate some chocolate chip cookies (thanks mom!) and had a BBQ. It was really nice to relax and play American Football with a Rugby ball. (I have to say American Football now haha Soccer is football to me now!)

I have a really cool district. It was fun to just hang out. We had a few pigs pass by and eat our trash. I wondered why the park was so clean. . . haha.

The work in Perico goes forward! Sometimes slower than we would like. Elder Ipsen´s foot is getting better. We are working, but not full time yet. I am starting to get better on my studies again. Being with a comp that has to be in bed with his foot up has not helped me in my studies haha. We usually just listen to General Conference Talks he has on his USB. (Hint to people going to South American Missions, USB and small player is the way to go!) I got back to focusing after an interview with President Levrino. (Hehe it was very short, but I could definitely do better)

I am excited for this Friday! Elder Viñas, an Area Authority, is coming to our mission. He was the first mission president in La MAS (La Mision Argentina Salta)

I am thankful for the opportunity to grow, how much I have yet to grow, and a merciful Savior that gives me time to grow.

sorry my computer was slow, so pictures will have to come next week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19, 2012 Working Anyways!

Working Anyways!
Well, Elder Ipsen is ok, it sounds like he broke a ligament, he just needs to rest and it will get better. I have been using this week to catch up on letters, rest, and my chess playing skills. It is strange to have so much free time. I called so many members to arrange visits every day. We are really blest to have so many members who are willing to go out with us. Mainly I just went with some of the Youth right after seminary. Elder Ipsen said he is going to try and go out today. We will take it slow, but it should be good.
Friday I was lucky enough to be able to find someone to do divisions with me. But, because we haven´t been able to work that much for the past few weeks our planner was empty except for one visit (and that one visit later called to cancel!) Our mission president has asked us to avoid planning on tracting because it is not effective. I really didn´t have much of anyone in mind to visit. Worried, I went into my room to pray, a few names came into my mind, but I was basically left with the overall impression to just follow the spirit throughout the day in where I needed to go.

We went to the few people I had in mind, and it was amazing how we would just contact someone and teach them as we walked with them, then go to their friends that they tell us about and teach them. We went and talked to people who cat called us sitting outside of their homes and taught them. It was amazing how the Lord just guided us to where we needed to be. At the end of a normal day we have about 4 lessons. A really good day is about 6. Last Friday the Lord guided us to have 14 lessons with groups of investigators. We would just start teaching someone and all of their friends would come running up to listen too. We met 18 people that day who are interested in learning more. The Lord knows how to do missionary work really well.

Also, Saturday night I had an experience that reminded me of the Other Side of Heaven. Remember the part where Elder Groberg is stranded in the boat because there is no wind and the member decides to row him to shore? Well I was waiting for a bus with a member. We were frustrated because the bus just wouldn´t come for about an hour. After about forty minutes, he called his wife and had his wife bring his old car to where we were. Then his wife and daughter waited while we went to go do visits. I kept on apologizing for the time delay and all he would say is that he had learned that it is never a sacrifice to give time to the Lord. I am SO inspired by converts here. This guy understands the gospel and lives it!


1 - My Package came!! Root beer flavoring, Maple Syrup, cookies and much more YUM!!!!!!!!

2- My Grandparents sent me a Christmas Present! We have already put it under the tree!

 *Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov. 12, 2012 Christmas Prep, Elder Ipsen's foot, and a BAPTISM!

Christmas Prep, Elder Ipsen´s foot, and a BAPTISM!

Well we have gotten our Christmas tree all ready. One of the cool things about being in an apartment where missionaries have been for the last 20 years (no exaggeration) is that we find random things like Christmas Trees! We are enjoying the season in all the little ways we can. It will be a very warm Christmas. Right now my goal is to make it a very white (baptism filled) Christmas. We will work hard and see what we can do.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to work as much this week because Elder Ispen had something happen to his foot. I think it´s like a sprain, but we are going to the doctor so I am sure he will be able to tell us better what it is. Luckily we were able to find some members to go with me and another Elder in our apartment, so we could go out to work while my comp was able to rest in the apartment with the other Elder.

Saturday we had a baptism! He is super cool! My favorite part of the baptism was after he came up out of the water he just had this HUGE smile on his face. It really is the gospel that makes people happy!

Sorry this was short! 

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov 5, 2012 Life as I Don't Know It

Life as I don´t know it
Another exciting week on the mission! After directing the funeral last week, we got to explore an Argentine graveyard. . . Interestingly enough they have little houses to store the caskets of rich people. Then this last week we saw a funeral procession passing by. I attached a picture of PART of the procession. There were like a hundred in this group. Sometimes we have virgin parades pass by too. So exciting!

My new comp, Elder Ipsen, is really enthusiastic and has a lot of faith.

Have a wonderful week.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 30, 2012 New Comp

Well sorry I couldn´t write yesterday. I was sick. Fun day haha. I wasn´t up to leaving. Elder Ellsworth is now in Toucuman, and I am with his MTC comp, Elder Ipson. Week highlight was probably speaking at and conducting a funeral. Church member from Salta. I am feeling much better now! So I guess it is time to go out and work! I will tell more and send pictures next week!

Love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 22, 2012 Life Experience Points +3

Life Experience Points +3

The great thing about the mission is that I am getting lots of life experience points. Life experience points are handy things that you save until you are old so you can tell the next generation tales of ´´when I was your age I . . . (add something ridiculously awesome)´´ So maybe when I get there, I will be telling them something like this:

Every mission has its given ravenous beasts. Missionaries in Africa have to fight back leopards, missionaries in the Philippians have to fight wild boars, and my missionary friend Elder Jellen has to fight away girls in New Jersey. I finally won my life experience point of having one of those adventures. Tuesday Elder Ellsworth and I were walking to a visit when a BIG dog started barking at me from behind a fence. Being a very mature person, my natural instinct is to make fun of the dog behind the fence because it can´t do anything. And then I get attacked from behind. A ravenous, 10 inch tall, black as night puppy starts going at my pant leg. I try and gently shake the thing off, and at first it works. But then it does it again. My comp does what any good companion would do and starts to laugh. I pull the puppy into the air and try and shake it off. When that doesn’t work I ask Elder Ellsworth to pry it off. He does and then the puppy starts to chase me. I started to run because I don't want to rip him off of my pants. Then I start feeling embarrassed from running from a puppy, so I stop and the puppy gets me again. Repeat the removing process and some kids grab the puppy and run away with it. Sorry mom if this experience gives you nightmares of your son in South America.

Wednesday while we were eating lunch the sister brought out some spicy peppers for us to eat with the food. I grabbed one and broke it up over my food. Later without thinking I touched my eye with the same hand that had been touching the pepper. It started to sting very badly. Later while trying to make it better I touch more of my eye and I couldn´t even open my eyes they hurt so bad. I washed it out and put a cold rag over it and soon was much better. Sadly that was the first time I realized that Pepper spray doesn't come from table pepper.

On Friday EVERYONE fudged us. We had nothing planned for the next 2 hours and it was in the middle of the very hot Argentine day. Even worse this was during the siesta, or Argentine nap time. I was very tempted to go to the church and wait in the shade until our next lesson. However, I made Elder Ellsworth think of someone to visit. We sat there for like 8 minutes while we tried to think of someone to visit, then he came up with a name of an old investigator that we were planning on visiting. We went and they accepted us very excitedly. They have a large family and the mother was so excited that she insisted we set up a Saturday visit so she could invite more of her family. Afterwards I told Elder Ellsworth that I was very inspired to let him decide where to go. He just laughed and shook his head. It´s sad how he doubts me.

 1 on the way to stake conference

2 Me with a force lightning ball . . . or having too much fun with the camera in the mirror.

3 WATERMELON!! A recent convert gave us some. SOOOOO good.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, October 15, 2012

2012-10-15 Enlisted


This morning Elder Salisbury, a missionary living in the same apartment as me, decided to cut his hair with his own cutters. I watched him do it and then decided to give it a go too. I gave myself a nice army cut. ha ha. The weather is really hot right now, so I am sure the new cut will feel really good.

The computer I am using is SUPER slow and has a few viruses. So . . . I am going to keep this short. We had Stake Conference this week. A couple came with us, they are an amazing couple that I met my first day here.He is a less active member and she loves reading the Book of Mormon.

Sorry I can't attach any pictures or anything. Too many viruses and the computer is too slow. Next week should be more interesting.


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, October 8, 2012

2012-10-08 Random Thoughts Thrown Against the Wall

I love the idea that some people consider throwing blobs of paint against a wall as art. Using that mode of thinking, I hope that you consider this post as art, because I have some many thoughts swirling around my head that I just have to throw them out and watch them explode.

General Conference was amazing. When we got there, the signal wasn´t working for the English room, so we went into the general room just as they announced the change in ages of missionaries. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I feel as tickled as Jeffery R. Holland did in the press conference that explained the changes. The new ages are common sense and will make it so that more and more people will be able to make the decision to serve a mission. (More on that in a bit.) I also saw Elder Habel from my ward! Weird! We live a block apart and now meet here halfway around the world. He is doing well, a bit quiet, but I can tell that he is doing well as a missionary and as a leader in the mission.

My favorite talk in conference was by David Bednar talking about Testimony and Conversion. I have so much that I can work on! Wow I am just excited to be a missionary!

Girls serve missions! I remember when I was about 7, I said something really stupid. I was at a friend’s house and I said that the only reason girls serve missions is because they can´t get married. Right then my friend’s mom walked in, informed me that she served a mission and walked out of the room. Later my amazing sister told me that she wanted to serve a mission. I was initially opposed to the idea. But as I have watched her serve and sisters here in the mission, I know that they are an INCREDIBLE addition to every mission they serve in. They touch the hearts of people in ways that Elders cannot. They work harder and are more organized than many of us. I hope that every girl will seriously consider serving a mission. I have noticed an incredible spirit in my cousin´s wife who is an RM. I know that much of her spirituality came from her year and a half dedicated to spending God´s word. How amazing it would be to marry an RM!

Anyways . . . my week was good. I had some kids come up to me shouting ´´Cowboy´´ wanting to shake my hand. That made my week. We also found an amazing woman who was very interested in finding out more about what happens after death. Elder Ellsworth, my comp, is an AMAZING comp and we get along incredibly well. He is thoughtful and a hard worker. I am impressed by his ability to take on the language even though it is extremely difficult to learn a new language. Last week he directed a lesson for a recent convert and he always gives incredible contributions by teaching simple truths in lessons that I overlook. I am so blessed to work with amazing people.

Have a wonderful week! Remember to serve those around you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Elder Habel and I

My candy for conference and I

 Elder Ellsworth and I

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012-10-01 South American Cowboy

Fast Culture Fact - You almost can´t buy a drink here without getting a straw

South American Cowboy

I want to talk about how cool it is to wear a big sombrero here. First off it is SUPER hot right now, and they say it will get hotter, and the shade makes it bearable. Secondly, I get people shouting out that I am a cowboy, which I think is pretty cool. I guess you could say I am here to lasso their souls to heaven. I am just that cool.

I still play the piano on Sundays. There is a lady who can play too, but she has kids that keep her hands full . . . so maybe I will just do it for the sacrament in the future.

We are focusing on finding new people and inviting them to General Conference. We had one new investigator come to church yesterday.  She lives with one of the members of our ward. She loves the idea of a gospel centered home. We are trying to get the whole family to come to church, but thus far only she and her boyfriend came.

We have a lot of Bolivian Virgin Parades that pass by our house in the morning. It is kind of different to hear the drums going down the street while I am studying in the morning.

Well . . . I am still alive and enjoying Argentina! 

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-09-24 Party in Perico

Party in Perico

I am still alive! (Just in case you were wondering . . . ) and having a great time in my new area. It is a great new area! I am very excited! We live with 2 other elders and the ward is HUGE!!! We have about a hundred in church every week. I am still playing the piano haha.

We found 2 amazing people this week. One we met visiting less active members, and when we described a gospel based home, she was almost in tears. She really loves her family and I think she is going to progress really well. The other we contacted in the street. He has a broken arm and sincerely wants to increase his faith.

The work goes on and I have an awesome hat!

sorry no picture, slow computer!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012-09-17 JuJuy - Perico

JuJuy - Perico
Another day another area. Sunday night brought transfers! After 6 months I am leaving Santa Ana. Elder Gillis is probably crying now, but Elder Ellsworth is very happy to receive the most capo (slang for awesome) missionary around. (I am still really humble haha)
I am excited to be in the province of JuJuy! I took a bus here. There was weird Latin music on the bus the entire way up, but at the end I was able to buy a way cool hat. I am in an apartment with 4 people! PARTY! haha jk .. . But I am sure to enjoy Perico.

Here is a picture of me and Elder Ellsworth and the other is of me eating delicious tongue.

I just found out Elder Ellsworth is a Ute fan, but don't worry. There is always repentance.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012-09-10 Mini Missionaries, Baptism, and Temple Dedication - Oh My!

Culture - For BBQ grills here a lot of people use Oil Barrels with metal bars for stands. (see attached picture)

The Wizard of Salta
Mini Missionaries, Baptism, and Temple Dedication - Oh My!

Talk about a crazy week! I would have to say it all started going crazy after a tornado of a Pday and landing on a frightening doubt of Mauricio who was going to be baptized that Saturday. It all got more complicated when our president called and told us we had mini missionaries headed our way. (Mini missionaries are local youth that are preparing for missions that come and live with us full time missionaries for a while.)

My munchkin really isn´t that small. His name is Elder Millan. He reminds me a lot of my friend Andy back home. We work really well together and get along really well. The first night we were together we passed a group of teenagers hanging around a saint shrine of Gauchito Gill. Elder Millan jokingly said ´´let´s go talk to them.´´ One of them was a member so I agreed and walked over to the group. Elder Millan kind of freaked out a bit when I started talked to one. But when he realized I knew who I was talking to, he laughed about it later.

Elder Millan and I also went to go visit a girl named Sophie with a member who was baptized while my cousin Melody was here 3 years ago. Sis Chocobar is a wonderful person and currently the Primary President. Saltañeans, being from a very warm climate, think that anything lower than 70 degrees is cold. So Sis Chocobar asked why I was wearing my short sleeve shirt. I told her that I was showing off my muscles to the local girls. Sis Chocobar kindly informed me that I didn´t have anything to show. Don´t worry sisters, I am still getting in my daily verbal abuse.

The highlight of the week, of course, was the baptism. We found him three weeks back while I was on divisions with another Elder. We contacted him at a time when he was never home. His grandmother was a very active member before she passed away, and his mother is less active so he had good memories of the church. I loved teaching him because we got to teach in English, and because he saw all of the little evidences that God put in his way to show him that the gospel is true. He asked me to baptize him because I met him first. It was really a wonderful baptism.

Yesterday I got to see an unforgettable temple rededication. The Buenos Aires Temple was rededicated by President Eyring and Elder Christofferson (who served in salta and speaks perfect Spanish!) A sister missionary started crying in front of us and that made me realize how much I missed the temple too. The dedication made me feel like I was there again. I miss going every week with my friends back home.

We ended this week with an amazing Argentinean BBQ. A sister in our ward cooked it for us because two missionaries in our district are leaving next week. Every week is an incredible adventure!

Thought - Today would be a good day, while the clock of mortality clicks, to review what we are doing to prepare to meet God. - Elder Ian s. Ardern


1 Argentine BBQ

2 Elder Millan beating me up

3 Baptism

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012-09-03 From The Journal

From the Journal

This week was awesome! I had so many spiritual experiences and I want to share them with you! Here are the highlights!

8-29 Today we had a very spiritual day. We teach an investigator in English and today he prayed, ´´I thank you that you sent my brothers to teach me more about you . . .´´ He is SO GOLDEN! We also went to a member’s house and when she called out over the speaker asking who it was, we said we were Jehovah Witnesses. She came out mad and when she saw it was us she started to laugh.

8-30 Today we were teaching a girl, and we noticed our Spanish was TERRIBLE. We couldn´t figure it out until my companion noticed that we didn´t have a man with us. Always having another man present is a very hard rule to follow, but we asked her to excuse us and we went out to find a man to be with us. Afterwards our Spanish improved.

8-31 Today was a hard day. EVERYONE fudged us! We went until about 6 without a single lesson and then we got on a roll and ended with 5 lessons! The Lord blest us with knowledge about where to go!

9-1 Today the coolest thing that happened was feeling impressed to go and visit a member and finding out that the member had been praying that we would come by because she needed a blessing and her phone was out of credit.

9-2 Today we found out that by playing tag with a family (my comp’s idea) we help a little girl with speech problems talk with other people in church. The mom loves us so much! And the father is not a member . . . yet!!!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Share the light of Christ! Remember who you are and live like it!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, August 27, 2012

2012-08-27 My Busy Week

Random Culture Note - Weather is CRAZY here too, this week started out really hot (as in short sleeves) and ended super cold (as in thermals and heavy coat.)

My Busy Week

I guess a missionary saying he had a busy week is a little like Barney saying ´´I love you´´ for the bijillionth time, but it´s true! This was a super busy week. Last week we ended on somewhat of a sour note with about eleven lessons taught and none of our investigators came to church. So this week we decided to kick it into gear. We felt like we were working before, but we just put in a little more effort and saw a GIANT difference. We started talking with everyone; we gave a discussion to a busy college student while he walked his dog. We shared a Book of Mormon with a preacher, and we planned for every moment. We ended this week with thirty four lessons and one person in church. We still need to work on church attendance, but we just went through lessons like crazy.

One of the coolest things about the one investigator that made it to church is that he speaks in English. We teach him in English because he wants to improve his language. He is the son of a less active member. He is extremely intelligent. We were teaching about the fall of Adam and Eve and mentioned how God had planned for it because God knows everything. Then he said that the fall must be something like a consequence. We told him it was exactly that.


1 - I got the world’s biggest letter from the Young Women in the Stake! Excellente!

2 - I said goodbye today to Elder Harmon in my district. He is a great elder!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, August 20, 2012

2012-08-20 B+

(Be Positive)

Abraham should be your hero. Something truly amazing about him is his attitude. I enjoy reading the first part of the Pearl of Great Price where Abraham says, ´´I, Abraham, saw that it was needful for me to obtain another place of residence;´´ if you look to the side of this scripture you will see a picture of his father about to sacrifice him to some idols. I love this scripture because it is an example of a classic scriptural understatement and an example of being positive in hard situations.

This last week was hard for my companion and I. No we were not almost sacrificed by a heathen relative, but we did experience a lot of rejection. It is hard sometimes to give a positive report to the ward at the end of a hot day where no one wanted to talk with us. Sometimes my companion and I get frustrated with the pace of the work and we even start to blame each other. But then we realize who it is that wants us to be discouraged. We remember why we are here, and we get back to work.

A few weeks ago we went to go talk to a friend of a member. Though she received us, we soon perceived that she was more interested in sharing her protestant views with us than she was in listening to us. We did our best to share our message and then returned to the member to give a report of what happened with her friend. Our president had recently told us that we needed to be more positive in our reports so we went and with a big smile told her that her friend received us and that we had another visit planned with her. The member was sure excited.

On another occasion I was on divisions with my district leader in his area. We were having a rough night and all of our visits were cancelled. He went to talk to a member about something and I asked if she had any friends that were near that we could visit. She gave us a few names and we passed by all of them, but we really didn´t get anything out of it. It was getting late, but I felt like we should go back and give a report to the member. We weren´t sure how to give a positive report when no one received us. But we told her about someone we contacted on the way, and how they had agreed to talk with us later. The member got excited and told us to go and visit two more of her neighbors. We asked her to come with us and she ended up having an amazing experience sharing the plan God has for us to a woman who had recently lost two of her sons.

I know that the Lord puts us in situations for a reason. So the next time we are in a hard situation, when our life is on the line and we are about to be sacrificed to idols, I hope that we can be positive about it.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

 The view of the silver lining from the second floor of our apartment

Me burning a tie sometime around my 6 month mark

A ward activity (sent by a ward member)

Helping a member build a chicken meat store in front of their house (sent by a ward member)