Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5, 2012 Return to the World

(Coming Unto) The Lord of the Rings (& Everything Else)

Return to the World

This week was VERY exciting, lots of battles, confusion, and names that are hard to keep track of. So here are the highlights:

1 - I am not going directly going to Argentina as I thought I was. I will give 2 hints to you
1 . . . . . It is in UTAH!
2 . . . . . It starts with the letter O

. . . .. . .. OGDEN, UTAH!!!!

I am actually VERY excited about this

2 - Midnight Run with Elder Pesantes

Friday night as I was brushing my teeth, I heard my room door close. I turned around and saw that Elder Pesantes had locked us out of our room! My companion and Elder Pesantes's companion were both shirtless, so guess who got to run up to the front desk in PJ's and sandals? PICK ME!!!!

So if you happened to be driving past the MTC around 9:15 at that time, you may have seen two pajama clad messengers of God running to the front desk. I am not apologizing if eyes were scarred.

3 - Return of the Cold

I once again got a cold, so I took some Vitamin C, Mucinex (Thank you MOM!), and Zinc (Thank you Grandma Ball). While all of these worked very well, my illness made me very tired. So come gym time Monday, I felt extremely tired and not wanting to be a burden on my companion, I decided to go to gym and sleep on the floor. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I now have a red itchy surprise on my arm; I think I will affectionately call it Sarah, after my red headed sister. (Don't worry I went to the Clinic and the doctor took care of Sarah).

4 - Temple Trip

This morning I got to go to the Provo Temple. It felt weird to take off my name tag to do the ceremony. There is such a wonderful feeling in the temple. It was a wonderful way to start off my day. With New Years recently passed it was nice to hear about some resolutions I had already made that I need to be keeping. I hope everyone will remember their 'resolutions' that they made in baptism, temple, marriage, etc. and strive to keep goals we have already made this new year.

5 - Missionaries and Aliens

After the temple, I got to do something I haven't done for two weeks . . . . go off of MTC campus!!!! My companion needed to go to the clinic for something so I got to go with him and wait for three hours in the waiting area. It was cool to stand out as a missionary. I enjoyed talking with most of the people I saw. I met a lot of veterans and grandmothers. The visitor I will never forget though was a Californian with sunglasses on, a beanie, and a hoodie. We had a very interesting conversation that went something like this:

Man: I am kind of bummed about the world ending this year. You know the Mayan calendar and all.

Me: (Thinking he is joking) Yeah, I guess I will be doing the right thing at the time then.

Man: It will probably be when the aliens come back.

Me: Excuse Me?

Man: Yeah, I was watching a Program on History Channel; it had a lot of cool facts about radioactive mines from thousands of years ago, pyramids and other stuff.

Me: That's interesting

Man: Aliens are real, man.  They come to this planet to mine our gold. Gold is the… (Spouts out random facts about how awesome gold is for a few minutes).  . . . so that is why Aliens placed us here, to get to the gold that was too hard for them to get to.

Me: I really don't believe in aliens.

Man: If you saw an alien and his space ship in front of you, would that change your opinion?

Me: Sure. (I REALLY wanted to ask him if riding a Unicorn would change his opinion at this point. Bringing up hypothetical examples are always such strong argument makers, but alas, missionaries must avoid contention.)

Hoping to change the flow of the conversation, I tap the old man sitting next to me on the arm and begin talking with him. To my horror he and his wife agree with the man. And ask me to find another explanation for Peruvian pyramids, and other world phenomenon.

Ay yayay!

The Gospel is True and I love you!

Thanks for your prayers! I Really Appreciate them! Don't worry about sending mail until I get my new address to you next week!

Thanks Katie for the Cupcakes!! (I don't have your address to get a hold of you!!!)

Please remember me in your prayers!

Elder Ball

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