Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21 2012 God has a Sense of Humor

God Has a Sense of Humor.
So I am staying here in Syracuse for at least the time being. Thursday I passed by most of you on the way to the MTC to talk with the consulate. They should have my paperwork processed in 3 weeks.

I loved going over to my Grandpa Ball's and watching movies with him. We would almost always watch Laurel and Hardy, Black and White films. They were funny and we always had a good time. My Grandpa Moon and my Father also have really good senses of humor, so I got to wonder, is it blasphemy to think that God has a sense of humor? I haven't read much about it, but I have had some experiences that make me think otherwise.

Mission Call - When I was waiting for my mission call I was super excited. I was SURE that I was getting off of the American continent. I basically wanted to go anywhere but Spanish speaking because I already knew the language somewhat. So of course I opened a call and read that I was going to the Argentina, Salta Mission. I have to admit I put on a fake smile initially, but the more I studied about Argentina, the more excited I got about going there. I am pretty excited now.

Utah - In the MTC I got to go off campus for a few hours and wait in the waiting room for my companion at the Doctor's. I had a really good experience (besides the weird Alien guy) and started thinking about how cool it would be to serve in Utah. Imagine my surprise when I found out that was exactly where I was going. I think I am probably the only kid in the history of the MTC to go chanting down the halls about how cool Ogden Utah is. People started recognizing me as the 'Ogden Utah guy,' a feat that I am impressed with.

Visa - Last week I got a phone call that I was going back to the MTC on Thursday to meet the consulate. My weeks here in Utah had flown by. I have heard of Visa waiters who have had much worse attitudes. I think their time here would have felt eons longer. I started saying goodbye's because I assumed I would be leaving Monday. I even went so far as to tell a Bishop I would stay here another transfer if I could. . . my mistake. I get there and found out I was staying here a few more weeks. About three weeks from now is what I have heard.

So, life is fun, be careful what you say, and I am still here in (Not- so - sunny) Syracuse. I am excited though because we have started seeing the fruits of our labors (hint hint), but there is a chance I could be transferred before I see any of them actually happen.

I have been sick all morning with I think food poisoning. So, as always, I would appreciate prayers.

Elder Taylor Ball

2 Nephi 2:25 "Men are that they might have joy"

Elder Taylor Ball
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