Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 13, 2012 P Day - Preparation or Party Day? & The Funnies

Preparation Day . . . or PARTY DAY?!??
It is a hard life serving as a Utah missionary. Friendly people . . . a lot of freebies . . . a lot of random people who walk up to us and randomly give us money . . . and I am getting fat. :P

Preparation days are different in every mission. My sister Danielle in the Dominican Republic says she spends a lot of her time playing soccer on Preparation day. Here in Utah these are some of the things I have done:
Indoor Soccer: Last Preparation day we drove down to Ogden and played Zone against Zone. I felt like the only white guy . . . and I pretty much was.

Bountiful Temple: AMAZING! I love the temple so much! We don't have a car so a member of the stake high council offered to give us a ride.

Layton Classic Fun Center: Missionaries play laser tag?? I guess we do! haha. We got unlimited tokens . . . which was weird cause all we could do was Skee ball and Bowling. It was fun though! And we went skating. It was really kind of weird. Polendo didn't tell me we were going there, so I arrived in my suit. But that's cause I am super righteous.

Make Bread: One of the local couple missionary pairs used to own a bakery. So we asked them to teach us how to make bread. It turned out WAY good!

The Funnies
ERNEST AND FRANK - Sometimes I say one thing when I mean something else.
Me: "It's cause I have the power of desertion."
Other Missionary: "Do you mean Discernment?"
Me: "Oh that too!"
BELIEVE IT OR NOT - We were out meeting with families and we met this Peruvian who was a member. After asking for referrals, we handed him a mormon.org card with our number on it. He paused and looked at the many faces on the card and said, "Hey . . . That's my cousin!"

ZITS - So sometimes Polendo doesn't believe that I am funny. One day we were walking and we saw some girls from track running behind us. Being the funny man I am, I said "Don't look now Polendo, we are being Chaste!" Polendo didn't get the joke. Another example - We walked passed a sign that said “Free Vacuums.”  "Don't go there," I told Polendo, "I heard they suck."

Have a Great Week! Sorry no quote cause I got to go! I am still here in Syracuse! It's a party!

Elder Taylor Ball

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