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Mar 6, 2012 Saved by the Bell

Saved By The Bell *
*(Notice the hideously colored title, that's my homage to the styles of the 90's, which are thankfully over.)

One of my older siblings, David and Danielle's, favorite shows from the 90's is Saved by the Bell. I don't really remember much from it besides a really funny, nerdy character with suspenders and thick glasses. And since I am super funny and know people who are nerdy, wear suspenders and glasses, I feel a connection to nerd man. His show title (refer to title above) is also a perfect lead into for what has been one of the most AMAZING things to me as a missionary. And that is timing. We somehow are able to catch people the ward can't and find people at the perfect time.

Good Timing -
- I felt the prompting that I needed to focus my study more on Preach My Gospel one day rather than in the Old Testament, which I have been reading with a fury. So I studied yesterday morning about the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost,* which really helped me explain to an investigator the difference and made me more sensitive to the prompting to ask if we could bring another member to the visit the next time. The Investigator said yes. Later that night, I felt like I needed to call and ask that member that very night if she could go with us to the next visit. So I called her up and she said she could. Towards the end of the conversation the member suggested that I give an Argentine member of the branch a call. I asked why and she told me that she was moving back to Argentina and was very nervous and unsettled about the whole thing. I said I would think about it, and we both said goodbye. I was hesitant to call because phone calls in Spanish are not my forte. But I felt like I needed to, so I called her. During the phone call I could really hear how nervous she was about going back and she asked that we would pray for her** because she had a lot of layovers. I then told her there was a reason for everything and that God loves her and understands everything that she is going through. She thanked me and said that was exactly what she needed to hear.

I am so thankful that I followed that prompting and decided to study more about the Holy Ghost. I was led by the hand from thing to thing, so that I could call that night to comfort someone who really needed it. If I had delayed, I would have been too late because her plane left this morning. Satan tried to delay me by playing on my weakness, but luckily I did not heed his sinister call.

- One of our first days here we were going through the old lists of former investigators. We went to a house where the family had just barely made the New Year’s resolution to become active in Church again. We came at the perfect time to encourage them and give them the little boost that they needed to accomplish their goal. We have since been back many times to support them.

There are so many experiences that I could list here if I had the time, but I need to go. Waiting for my Visa I have learned a lot about the importance of patience. There really is something 'Divine' about the timing of things in our lives. There really is a reason for the way things happen. There are a lot of wounds that only time can heal and opportunities that can only come with time.
Elder Taylor Ball

"When we are unduly inpatient we are questioning God's omnipotence." Neal A Maxwell
(Not exact quote, to see the real wording go to BYU Classic Speeches and read his talk 'Patience,' it will be worth your time. I promise. 

* Do you know the difference? If not, it's worth the study. Maybe start with the bible dictionary definition of the Holy Ghost.

** I am sure she would be blessed by your prayers as well. If you pray for the Argentine lady, I am sure God will know where to direct those blessings. 

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