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Apr 16, 2012 The Good, The Bad, and Oscar

Random Culture Note: They don´t sell produce here in the stores, that´s because there are so many small fruit and vegetable stands every few houses.
The Good, The Bad, and Oscar

Two letters that I received recently made me start thinking. One was from my Grandma Ball asking if my mission ´´feels like the best two years yet?´´ And the other was from Tyler in my ward asking me how I am doing. I love getting letters that ask what am I up to. But it actually is a really good question. The mission is an exciting, diverse experience. The first few months are a roller coaster of Ups and Downs. It is a big adjustment to make to dedicate all my life to serving and sharing the gospel. I love it though! So here is the good and the bad of what I am doing with my ´best two years.´

THE GOOD - I am learning so much. This week I taught my first English class, it went really well. I learned a lot about English in the process. There are things that I take for granted that are complicated to others. I am also playing the piano every week on Sunday. There is good and bad things about that. The good part is I am learning.  The main thing that I am doing that I enjoy is talking to EVERYONE that I see. People are so amazing. I am learning how to listen to the spirit and present my message in ever better ways. Every day I feel like my life is an Ensign article. (Which is good because I never get the actual Ensign.)

THE BAD - Sometimes the mission is REALLY hard. Last week I talked about companions (Which, by the way, we are working together MUCH better now), but the work itself can be frustrating at times. Our 3 best investigators are all having lots of trouble right now. One 17 year old´s parents won´t let him meet with us anymore, another has so much school and life drama that she doesn´t think she has time to meet with us, and the other´s husband doesn´t want her to meet with us or come to our church and her family is having LOTS of problems.

But, most of my experiences are good. We work hard every day in sharing what we believe and feel very strongly that what we are doing is right. I was offered beer for the first time in my life (haha I am so sheltered) and had the opportunity to help an addict begin the process of quitting. He came to us in tears because his addiction to Beer is destroying his life, and his family’s. I think the biggest benefit of my mission has been learning the importance of family.

OSCAR - Wow! I have not laughed so hard for a long time. So there is this guy who we keep running into. He is pretty crazy.  He came up to us and started asking us to show him the way, so of course we got excited and started talking. It soon became apparent that he was very drunk and had no idea what we were saying. He started talking about 7 stars and so I nodded my head and said ´´Yeah, the seventh represents the Day of Rest, and that you need to go to church.´´ He nodded and we excused ourselves because we had an appointment to go to. We took a bus and when we got off, there he was again. Haha I don´t know how he beat us.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

PS Happy birthday to cousin Brianne

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