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2012-05-28 10 Things I Learned in High School

Random Culture Note: People love yelling out ´´hello´´ when I pass by. I like responding with ´´bonjour´´ just to shake things up.

10 Things I Learned in High School

As the end of another school year approaches, I can´t help but think a year ago I was in High School. What a difference a year can make! I enjoyed (most of) my time in High School, but honestly, I am glad I am not in school right now. I was kind of burned out, so I opted out of more school to do something harder! Oh yeah! (Fist pumping action emoticon here) But, that being said, I did learn a lot from high school, here are 10 things that randomly come to mind.
  1. People are awkward. If you are going to learn that anywhere, High School is the place to learn it. For some reason I thought that would all end after high school. False, I spend all my time outside talking to people now and let me tell you, we all have our awkward moments, but that's what makes us unique. Let´s face it; a world free of awkward people would be boring.
  2. Reading helps. I was lucky enough to really enjoy reading. The random facts that I remember from reading helped in a lot of things, specifically random facts to throw into History essays and big words to throw into English exams to make it look like I know a lot. Hippopotamus. See? It works.
  3. Teachers are people. I don´t know why this was such a revelation to me, but I remember the day that I first realized that in Jr. High. (Don´t ask me what I thought of them before, teachers were, and are, teachers.) I found that when I got to know them as person, they liked me more and life was easier. Kind of helps on the mission too. People really don´t like to be looked at as ´potential baptisms.´
  4. Conspiracy Shamiracy. It´s crazy how many people   *cough*   girls   *cough*   feel like there is a school wide conspiracy against them. Everyone is there to judge you and make your life miserable. When you live with someone who is convinced every little remark is aimed at them, it makes life hard. I had to tell one of my companions to toughen up. Things got a lot better after that for both of us.
  5. Apply Yourself. Remember the kid in algebra who spent every class asking ´´When am I ever going to use this in real life?´´ Well he was right, he´s probably flipping hamburgers now. Not much math there. Likewise with the people I am teaching, I can´t force them to apply anything. This week we had none of our investigators show up to church. FRUSTRATION. But hey, they, like me, choose what they get out of everything by how they apply themselves.
  6. Be Embarrassing, Truth is, most people don´t care about your zits, they´ve got their own to worry about. So the next time you fart in the middle of a lesson and your companion and investigator start laughing, laugh with them. (I can neither confirm nor deny the aforementioned experience happening to me).
  7. It´s NOT a Big Deal. really. I remember how I got before all of these things. So I would stress and stress about little things. Homework, Dates, Presentations, Plays, Performances, etc. I got to a point in my senior year where I was doing two plays at the same time and had to memorize all of my lines in 4 weeks for BOTH plays. I kind of burned out my ability to be stressed from that. haha I got to the point where I brought a book to read during graduation after I gave a speech. You just put in your best effort and leave it at that. (I think this lesson has helped me the most on my mission!)
  8. Just Be Yourself. I remember being so obsessed with whether or not my friends liked me that I kind of lost sight of myself for a while. Trying to please everyone makes you run in circles. I have learned that when I put the Lord first, I am happier with who I am and know where I need to improve most. Everything else just falls into place with that.
  9. Friends. I don´t know how to really sum up this one in a short phrase. High School is a mess of trying to figure out who is your friend and who wants to spend time with you. After school ended, I really only hung out with Spencer. We were chill and accepted the other as they were. We had a lot of fun. I remember one weekend telling him that I was going to hang out with other people because we had been hanging out every weekend. I think that is the only weekend I remember regretting. Want a friend? Be a friend. Works miracles with companions.
  10. High School Ends. As we learn from High School Musical 3 ´´High School wasn´t made to last forever´´. Most of the activities that we are involved in this life end. My mission is going to end eventually. So just enjoy the time you have, and move on when it is over.
Congrats class of ´12. And everyone else, please excuse the lack of missionary theme in this letter. I promise to be more boring next week. ;D

Thought - ´´And so we beat on, boats against the current, bourne unceasingly into the past.´´ - The last sentence in The Great Gatsby. I LOVE that book!

(Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera and my cord. Next week? Same time? Deal)
*Elder Taylor Ball*

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