Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012 Comics 3

Culture - This week I am going to make pancakes, but since they don´t have maple syrup here I am going to do it the Argentine way - Dulce de Leche! (Caramel on pancakes? I´ll have to let you know how that goes!)

Comics 3
Well, here I am at the end of another transfer. So here are the funny things that happened to me this transfer . . .

For Better or Worse - A member asked me what “bangs” is in English. I thought about it for about 10 minutes and couldn´t remember the word ´bangs´ for the life of me. It took me 24 hours to remember the word ´bangs.´ Goodbye English.

Pardon my Planet - We ran into one of the many borrachos (drunks) here in Salta. He stopped us and started telling us how much he liked our church. He is from Chile, which is where one of my best friends is serving. I started to get really excited, but then I realized he just REALLY hated the Catholic Church. And since we weren´t Catholic, he liked us. We started to walk away and he shouted out that his name was Alcedo, and to remember him. Well . . . now you can remember him too.

Frank and Ernest - 2 words. Nadie - no one, Nadia - name. My first week here my companion told me we were going to go visit Nadia. I was SUPER confused. I kept on thinking, why aren´t we going to visit anyone. I started to suggest people we could go visit, but my companion insisted, we have to go visit Nadia. I think it took me quite a while to finally figure it out.

Also - During the week I substituted the word judgment for Jews . . . not good.

Where´s Waldo - The only time a missionary can be separated from his companion is when he is in the bathroom. Well during the week I came out of the bathroom to an empty church. I looked around and couldn´t see Gallardo. I went through the entire church and couldn´t find him. I went outside and even ran around the chapel. While going around, I noticed a curtain moving in one of the rooms. I ran around and caught Gallardo hiding behind the curtain. That little stinker . . . haha!

Pearls Before Swine - My favorite Elder here is Elder Henrickson, my first week here he told me he was from Buenos Aires. I TOTALLY believed him, later while I was on splits with his companion, I commented that Henrickson´s English was really good. The Elder told me that if I wanted to know why his English was so good, I needed to look at his scriptures. I saw that they were in English. I was like OH so he reads the scriptures in English. The Elder finally explained that the scriptures were in English because Henrickson is from Utah. Sometimes it takes a while for me to get things.

Well that is it! Congrats to Andy and Grant for their mission calls! I am super excited for them both! Please let me know when anybody I know gets a call! I would love to hear about it!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Spiritual Thought - I have been reading the Book of Mormon this transfer and writing down all of the most apparent promises that the Lord makes in the book, and the one most often repeated was ´´Keep the commandments and you will prosper in the land.´ (1 Nephi 2:20) I met a less active family this week that told me that the moment everything started going downhill for them was when they forgot the Lord and stopped going to church.

The fastest way to send me mail is probably pouch mail (1-2 weeks) or (end of month.)

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