Monday, June 11, 2012

2012-06-11 The Drought is Over!

Random Culture Note: Maybe I just notice it more, but it seems like the people here use a lot more titles (like sister, aunt, brother, cousin, etc) than we do in the states.

The Drought is Over!
By which I mean I had my first baptism. It wasn´t easy though. Remember the kid I talked about last week who was excited at first when we used the illustrated Book of Mormon, but then ran away crying? We baptized him.

The boy LOVES soccer, and so when we try and teach him while he is watching a game, playing, or thinking about soccer, he doesn´t want to listen. He had already been really close to baptism earlier, but had run away crying because he wanted to play soccer instead. This week my companion told me that we were going to visit him one more time, have faith, and invite him to be baptized this weekend. And it was Thursday that we were planning to meet him!

I have to admit I doubted at first. But the Lord always makes a way (1 Nephi 3:7) so when we went over Thursday, we also found his inactive mother there too. We got both of them to sit down and we gave them the third discussion on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (The big part of this lesson being Baptism!) I think I was praying every moment of that lesson that he would agree to be baptized. And at the end he did.

Even then I doubted a little bit, I was super excited, but he had promised to be baptized earlier and had fallen through. But this time he went through the interview and everything great. So we scheduled the baptism for Saturday and figured that everything would just work out. Wrong.

Turns out, that Saturday was Stake Priesthood meeting, so the Bishopric wouldn´t be able to make it. So we called a bunch of inactives and managed to get one over so we could do the baptism. But that wasn´t the only problem that we faced. Saturday, when we got to the church the fount was half way filled with cold water. The water heater didn´t work and someone had cut the water to the church. Someone REALLY didn´t want this baptism to happen. But we took some water from the fount and boiled it and dumped it into the fount. (Which really didn´t make any difference, but made us feel like we were doing something) ((One of my cousin Melody´s converts here helped us heat up some towels and have some other things ready for the baptism))

So then we go by to pick up the boy. He was there!!! But his mom wasn´t. I was starting to get worried, but five minutes later she showed up and we all went over. But then right before we were about to start the baptism, he disappeared!! We found him outside of the church playing soccer. We promised him he could play after the baptism and he came in and the baptismal service went wonderfully. The spirit was very strong.

I always imagined that my first baptismal service would be an overwhelmingly, wonderful spiritual experience, but it turned out to be a really exhausting experience. All and all it was very rewarding, but there is opposition in all things. Now we get to press on and invite our other investigators to make the same, crucial step. Pray for me.
*Elder Taylor Ball*


A railroad path that we walk on about four times every week.  

Our ward on the way to stake conference. (Can you find the red head?)

There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. Are we doing what we should? - Thomas S. Monson

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