Monday, July 2, 2012

2012-07-02 Comics, Baptisms, and Apartments – Oh My!

Random Culture Note - So we found some cereal that tastes like peanut butter and honey . . . different.

Comics, Baptisms, and Apartments - Oh My!

So these last two weeks were amazing and they went by super fast! I exchanged Elder Gallardo for Elder Gillis, a missionary from Layton with a little over a year in the mission. I had a Baptism too! And we ate Chinese food. Not bad for two weeks of the fastest two years.

Baptism - So two weeks ago I had the opportunity of baptizing a girl. The cool part about this baptism was that three years ago my cousin Melody helped reactivate her dad and baptize her mom . The baptism almost didn´t happen. A lot of last minute drama, but everything worked out in the end. It was different to be the one baptizing. I said the prayer perfectly, but later while giving a blessing, I ended ´´in the name of the father . . . ´´ I quickly corrected myself, but it was funny.

Apartment - So we have been working hard this week to find a bigger and better apartment. Because 2 more elders are coming to Santa Ana!!! We found a beautiful apartment and we´ll be moving in this week if the president approves it.

Well . . . The end of transfers was last week, so here are the funnies for the last 6 weeks . . .

Deer in the Headlights - While teaching a family, their 2 year-old son just started stating at me. And he stood there frozen for the entire lesson. I could almost read his thoughts . . . He has red hair? What is he???

Pardon my Planet - As we pass by, a kid runs screaming, ´´Mom, the Police! The Police!´´

Frank and Earnest - Two words, Casado - married and Cansado - tired. While walking to the church one day, I told the bishop he looked casado.

Baptism - Augustina told us that she was afraid of the water. I told her not to worry because I am a lifeguard.

For Better or For Worse - When someone asked me (in Spanish) if I speak Spanish, I told them no.

Family Circus - To get a kid interested in reading the Book of Mormon we acted out a battle in Alma with his toy soldiers.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Spiritual thought - I learn by what I hear . . . feel . . . and see. When I learn, I write it down and live it. - Richard G. Scott. Remember to keep a journal!


Elder Gillis and I eating Chinese food

Our new (I hope!) apartment

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