Monday, August 6, 2012

2012-08-06 Funnies

Random culture note - They use public transportation a lot more here.  Buses can get pretty crowded, but luckily we have ones that stop right in front of the places we have to go for meetings.

The News

I always just read the newspaper for the comics so I will try and keep the news simple so you can get onto the funnies.  Last night we were supposed to hear transfers around seven.  There was a strong possibility of me leaving so I was a little antsy, when the phone didn´t ring by 9 we were a little worried.  Finally at 10 30 last night we hear that we are both staying.  I am excited because my companion, Elder Gillis, and I get along really well.  We have made a lot of goals and are improving TONS as missionaries.   He is going to be District leader so I will be going on a lot of divisions now but that could be exciting.  My mom just sent me some cool mini toothbrushes in my PACKAGE that I will have to try.  (Waking up this morning and getting the package felt just like Christmas!)  Anyways, life is good and sometimes funny . . .

FRANK AND ERNEST - 2 words  embarcaciones (voyages) and vacaciones (vacation).  Elder Gillis couldn´t get the two straight and asked everyone how their voyages were going. 

PARDON MY PLANET - Every day during companion study we read a few pages of our missionary rule book.  Usually it’s a pretty dry part of our study, but one day I started a beat and Elder Gillis started rapping the rules.  I may not have learned a lot from that read through, but it was a lot more fun!

DENNIS THE MENACE - Sometimes I just like doing random things.  The other day I gave my companion a SLUG BUG out of the blue.  Since then we have started playing the game every once in a while.  The other day while walking on the rail road tracks I gave Elder Gillis a slug bug and he looked around SUPER confused and was like  WHERE?

Well I got to go!  I love you!  Have a great week!  Sorry it was short!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

1 - I Got My PACKAGE  
(And I am wearing my new tie!)

(We wanted to be more American so we prepared food for the week and froze it)

3 - BUG 
(It reminded me of my brother´s bug so I had to take a picture and make a matching face!)

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