Monday, August 20, 2012

2012-08-20 B+

(Be Positive)

Abraham should be your hero. Something truly amazing about him is his attitude. I enjoy reading the first part of the Pearl of Great Price where Abraham says, ´´I, Abraham, saw that it was needful for me to obtain another place of residence;´´ if you look to the side of this scripture you will see a picture of his father about to sacrifice him to some idols. I love this scripture because it is an example of a classic scriptural understatement and an example of being positive in hard situations.

This last week was hard for my companion and I. No we were not almost sacrificed by a heathen relative, but we did experience a lot of rejection. It is hard sometimes to give a positive report to the ward at the end of a hot day where no one wanted to talk with us. Sometimes my companion and I get frustrated with the pace of the work and we even start to blame each other. But then we realize who it is that wants us to be discouraged. We remember why we are here, and we get back to work.

A few weeks ago we went to go talk to a friend of a member. Though she received us, we soon perceived that she was more interested in sharing her protestant views with us than she was in listening to us. We did our best to share our message and then returned to the member to give a report of what happened with her friend. Our president had recently told us that we needed to be more positive in our reports so we went and with a big smile told her that her friend received us and that we had another visit planned with her. The member was sure excited.

On another occasion I was on divisions with my district leader in his area. We were having a rough night and all of our visits were cancelled. He went to talk to a member about something and I asked if she had any friends that were near that we could visit. She gave us a few names and we passed by all of them, but we really didn´t get anything out of it. It was getting late, but I felt like we should go back and give a report to the member. We weren´t sure how to give a positive report when no one received us. But we told her about someone we contacted on the way, and how they had agreed to talk with us later. The member got excited and told us to go and visit two more of her neighbors. We asked her to come with us and she ended up having an amazing experience sharing the plan God has for us to a woman who had recently lost two of her sons.

I know that the Lord puts us in situations for a reason. So the next time we are in a hard situation, when our life is on the line and we are about to be sacrificed to idols, I hope that we can be positive about it.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

 The view of the silver lining from the second floor of our apartment

Me burning a tie sometime around my 6 month mark

A ward activity (sent by a ward member)

Helping a member build a chicken meat store in front of their house (sent by a ward member)

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