Monday, August 27, 2012

2012-08-27 My Busy Week

Random Culture Note - Weather is CRAZY here too, this week started out really hot (as in short sleeves) and ended super cold (as in thermals and heavy coat.)

My Busy Week

I guess a missionary saying he had a busy week is a little like Barney saying ´´I love you´´ for the bijillionth time, but it´s true! This was a super busy week. Last week we ended on somewhat of a sour note with about eleven lessons taught and none of our investigators came to church. So this week we decided to kick it into gear. We felt like we were working before, but we just put in a little more effort and saw a GIANT difference. We started talking with everyone; we gave a discussion to a busy college student while he walked his dog. We shared a Book of Mormon with a preacher, and we planned for every moment. We ended this week with thirty four lessons and one person in church. We still need to work on church attendance, but we just went through lessons like crazy.

One of the coolest things about the one investigator that made it to church is that he speaks in English. We teach him in English because he wants to improve his language. He is the son of a less active member. He is extremely intelligent. We were teaching about the fall of Adam and Eve and mentioned how God had planned for it because God knows everything. Then he said that the fall must be something like a consequence. We told him it was exactly that.


1 - I got the world’s biggest letter from the Young Women in the Stake! Excellente!

2 - I said goodbye today to Elder Harmon in my district. He is a great elder!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

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