Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-09-24 Party in Perico

Party in Perico

I am still alive! (Just in case you were wondering . . . ) and having a great time in my new area. It is a great new area! I am very excited! We live with 2 other elders and the ward is HUGE!!! We have about a hundred in church every week. I am still playing the piano haha.

We found 2 amazing people this week. One we met visiting less active members, and when we described a gospel based home, she was almost in tears. She really loves her family and I think she is going to progress really well. The other we contacted in the street. He has a broken arm and sincerely wants to increase his faith.

The work goes on and I have an awesome hat!

sorry no picture, slow computer!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012-09-17 JuJuy - Perico

JuJuy - Perico
Another day another area. Sunday night brought transfers! After 6 months I am leaving Santa Ana. Elder Gillis is probably crying now, but Elder Ellsworth is very happy to receive the most capo (slang for awesome) missionary around. (I am still really humble haha)
I am excited to be in the province of JuJuy! I took a bus here. There was weird Latin music on the bus the entire way up, but at the end I was able to buy a way cool hat. I am in an apartment with 4 people! PARTY! haha jk .. . But I am sure to enjoy Perico.

Here is a picture of me and Elder Ellsworth and the other is of me eating delicious tongue.

I just found out Elder Ellsworth is a Ute fan, but don't worry. There is always repentance.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012-09-10 Mini Missionaries, Baptism, and Temple Dedication - Oh My!

Culture - For BBQ grills here a lot of people use Oil Barrels with metal bars for stands. (see attached picture)

The Wizard of Salta
Mini Missionaries, Baptism, and Temple Dedication - Oh My!

Talk about a crazy week! I would have to say it all started going crazy after a tornado of a Pday and landing on a frightening doubt of Mauricio who was going to be baptized that Saturday. It all got more complicated when our president called and told us we had mini missionaries headed our way. (Mini missionaries are local youth that are preparing for missions that come and live with us full time missionaries for a while.)

My munchkin really isn´t that small. His name is Elder Millan. He reminds me a lot of my friend Andy back home. We work really well together and get along really well. The first night we were together we passed a group of teenagers hanging around a saint shrine of Gauchito Gill. Elder Millan jokingly said ´´let´s go talk to them.´´ One of them was a member so I agreed and walked over to the group. Elder Millan kind of freaked out a bit when I started talked to one. But when he realized I knew who I was talking to, he laughed about it later.

Elder Millan and I also went to go visit a girl named Sophie with a member who was baptized while my cousin Melody was here 3 years ago. Sis Chocobar is a wonderful person and currently the Primary President. SaltaƱeans, being from a very warm climate, think that anything lower than 70 degrees is cold. So Sis Chocobar asked why I was wearing my short sleeve shirt. I told her that I was showing off my muscles to the local girls. Sis Chocobar kindly informed me that I didn´t have anything to show. Don´t worry sisters, I am still getting in my daily verbal abuse.

The highlight of the week, of course, was the baptism. We found him three weeks back while I was on divisions with another Elder. We contacted him at a time when he was never home. His grandmother was a very active member before she passed away, and his mother is less active so he had good memories of the church. I loved teaching him because we got to teach in English, and because he saw all of the little evidences that God put in his way to show him that the gospel is true. He asked me to baptize him because I met him first. It was really a wonderful baptism.

Yesterday I got to see an unforgettable temple rededication. The Buenos Aires Temple was rededicated by President Eyring and Elder Christofferson (who served in salta and speaks perfect Spanish!) A sister missionary started crying in front of us and that made me realize how much I missed the temple too. The dedication made me feel like I was there again. I miss going every week with my friends back home.

We ended this week with an amazing Argentinean BBQ. A sister in our ward cooked it for us because two missionaries in our district are leaving next week. Every week is an incredible adventure!

Thought - Today would be a good day, while the clock of mortality clicks, to review what we are doing to prepare to meet God. - Elder Ian s. Ardern


1 Argentine BBQ

2 Elder Millan beating me up

3 Baptism

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012-09-03 From The Journal

From the Journal

This week was awesome! I had so many spiritual experiences and I want to share them with you! Here are the highlights!

8-29 Today we had a very spiritual day. We teach an investigator in English and today he prayed, ´´I thank you that you sent my brothers to teach me more about you . . .´´ He is SO GOLDEN! We also went to a member’s house and when she called out over the speaker asking who it was, we said we were Jehovah Witnesses. She came out mad and when she saw it was us she started to laugh.

8-30 Today we were teaching a girl, and we noticed our Spanish was TERRIBLE. We couldn´t figure it out until my companion noticed that we didn´t have a man with us. Always having another man present is a very hard rule to follow, but we asked her to excuse us and we went out to find a man to be with us. Afterwards our Spanish improved.

8-31 Today was a hard day. EVERYONE fudged us! We went until about 6 without a single lesson and then we got on a roll and ended with 5 lessons! The Lord blest us with knowledge about where to go!

9-1 Today the coolest thing that happened was feeling impressed to go and visit a member and finding out that the member had been praying that we would come by because she needed a blessing and her phone was out of credit.

9-2 Today we found out that by playing tag with a family (my comp’s idea) we help a little girl with speech problems talk with other people in church. The mom loves us so much! And the father is not a member . . . yet!!!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Share the light of Christ! Remember who you are and live like it!

*Elder Taylor Ball*