Monday, September 3, 2012

2012-09-03 From The Journal

From the Journal

This week was awesome! I had so many spiritual experiences and I want to share them with you! Here are the highlights!

8-29 Today we had a very spiritual day. We teach an investigator in English and today he prayed, ´´I thank you that you sent my brothers to teach me more about you . . .´´ He is SO GOLDEN! We also went to a member’s house and when she called out over the speaker asking who it was, we said we were Jehovah Witnesses. She came out mad and when she saw it was us she started to laugh.

8-30 Today we were teaching a girl, and we noticed our Spanish was TERRIBLE. We couldn´t figure it out until my companion noticed that we didn´t have a man with us. Always having another man present is a very hard rule to follow, but we asked her to excuse us and we went out to find a man to be with us. Afterwards our Spanish improved.

8-31 Today was a hard day. EVERYONE fudged us! We went until about 6 without a single lesson and then we got on a roll and ended with 5 lessons! The Lord blest us with knowledge about where to go!

9-1 Today the coolest thing that happened was feeling impressed to go and visit a member and finding out that the member had been praying that we would come by because she needed a blessing and her phone was out of credit.

9-2 Today we found out that by playing tag with a family (my comp’s idea) we help a little girl with speech problems talk with other people in church. The mom loves us so much! And the father is not a member . . . yet!!!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Share the light of Christ! Remember who you are and live like it!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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