Monday, September 17, 2012

2012-09-17 JuJuy - Perico

JuJuy - Perico
Another day another area. Sunday night brought transfers! After 6 months I am leaving Santa Ana. Elder Gillis is probably crying now, but Elder Ellsworth is very happy to receive the most capo (slang for awesome) missionary around. (I am still really humble haha)
I am excited to be in the province of JuJuy! I took a bus here. There was weird Latin music on the bus the entire way up, but at the end I was able to buy a way cool hat. I am in an apartment with 4 people! PARTY! haha jk .. . But I am sure to enjoy Perico.

Here is a picture of me and Elder Ellsworth and the other is of me eating delicious tongue.

I just found out Elder Ellsworth is a Ute fan, but don't worry. There is always repentance.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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