Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-09-24 Party in Perico

Party in Perico

I am still alive! (Just in case you were wondering . . . ) and having a great time in my new area. It is a great new area! I am very excited! We live with 2 other elders and the ward is HUGE!!! We have about a hundred in church every week. I am still playing the piano haha.

We found 2 amazing people this week. One we met visiting less active members, and when we described a gospel based home, she was almost in tears. She really loves her family and I think she is going to progress really well. The other we contacted in the street. He has a broken arm and sincerely wants to increase his faith.

The work goes on and I have an awesome hat!

sorry no picture, slow computer!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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