Monday, October 1, 2012

2012-10-01 South American Cowboy

Fast Culture Fact - You almost can´t buy a drink here without getting a straw

South American Cowboy

I want to talk about how cool it is to wear a big sombrero here. First off it is SUPER hot right now, and they say it will get hotter, and the shade makes it bearable. Secondly, I get people shouting out that I am a cowboy, which I think is pretty cool. I guess you could say I am here to lasso their souls to heaven. I am just that cool.

I still play the piano on Sundays. There is a lady who can play too, but she has kids that keep her hands full . . . so maybe I will just do it for the sacrament in the future.

We are focusing on finding new people and inviting them to General Conference. We had one new investigator come to church yesterday.  She lives with one of the members of our ward. She loves the idea of a gospel centered home. We are trying to get the whole family to come to church, but thus far only she and her boyfriend came.

We have a lot of Bolivian Virgin Parades that pass by our house in the morning. It is kind of different to hear the drums going down the street while I am studying in the morning.

Well . . . I am still alive and enjoying Argentina! 

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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