Monday, October 15, 2012

2012-10-15 Enlisted


This morning Elder Salisbury, a missionary living in the same apartment as me, decided to cut his hair with his own cutters. I watched him do it and then decided to give it a go too. I gave myself a nice army cut. ha ha. The weather is really hot right now, so I am sure the new cut will feel really good.

The computer I am using is SUPER slow and has a few viruses. So . . . I am going to keep this short. We had Stake Conference this week. A couple came with us, they are an amazing couple that I met my first day here.He is a less active member and she loves reading the Book of Mormon.

Sorry I can't attach any pictures or anything. Too many viruses and the computer is too slow. Next week should be more interesting.


*Elder Taylor Ball*

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