Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19, 2012 Working Anyways!

Working Anyways!
Well, Elder Ipsen is ok, it sounds like he broke a ligament, he just needs to rest and it will get better. I have been using this week to catch up on letters, rest, and my chess playing skills. It is strange to have so much free time. I called so many members to arrange visits every day. We are really blest to have so many members who are willing to go out with us. Mainly I just went with some of the Youth right after seminary. Elder Ipsen said he is going to try and go out today. We will take it slow, but it should be good.
Friday I was lucky enough to be able to find someone to do divisions with me. But, because we haven´t been able to work that much for the past few weeks our planner was empty except for one visit (and that one visit later called to cancel!) Our mission president has asked us to avoid planning on tracting because it is not effective. I really didn´t have much of anyone in mind to visit. Worried, I went into my room to pray, a few names came into my mind, but I was basically left with the overall impression to just follow the spirit throughout the day in where I needed to go.

We went to the few people I had in mind, and it was amazing how we would just contact someone and teach them as we walked with them, then go to their friends that they tell us about and teach them. We went and talked to people who cat called us sitting outside of their homes and taught them. It was amazing how the Lord just guided us to where we needed to be. At the end of a normal day we have about 4 lessons. A really good day is about 6. Last Friday the Lord guided us to have 14 lessons with groups of investigators. We would just start teaching someone and all of their friends would come running up to listen too. We met 18 people that day who are interested in learning more. The Lord knows how to do missionary work really well.

Also, Saturday night I had an experience that reminded me of the Other Side of Heaven. Remember the part where Elder Groberg is stranded in the boat because there is no wind and the member decides to row him to shore? Well I was waiting for a bus with a member. We were frustrated because the bus just wouldn´t come for about an hour. After about forty minutes, he called his wife and had his wife bring his old car to where we were. Then his wife and daughter waited while we went to go do visits. I kept on apologizing for the time delay and all he would say is that he had learned that it is never a sacrifice to give time to the Lord. I am SO inspired by converts here. This guy understands the gospel and lives it!


1 - My Package came!! Root beer flavoring, Maple Syrup, cookies and much more YUM!!!!!!!!

2- My Grandparents sent me a Christmas Present! We have already put it under the tree!

 *Elder Taylor Ball*

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