Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 31, 2012 Christmas in Argentina!

Christmas in Argentina!

Christmas night is all about fireworks here in Argentina. After going to bed at 11, Elder Ipsen and I waited excitedly for midnight. Cameras at our side we were both very excited to see the hundreds of fireworks that lit up the sky. Earlier in the day we had seen the huge stores go up overnight, selling thousands of fireworks to our little city. At midnight we climbed up the stairs to get the view from the roof. I wish I could send you all a picture of the sky. It was amazing.

Of couse the best thing that happened last week was Skyping my family. It was SO much better that way! The little girls aren´t so little anymore. My older brother is still studying hard.  My Grandma cried. And best of all was seeing mom and dad.

This week we also still went out every day. We use hand signals to teach the 10 commandments. We taught one kid. He went and taught all the kids in his neighborhood. The next day a bunch of kids asked us to teach them too. So we taught them and then had them teach their parents. We´ll see where this goes!

Love you all!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 17, 2012 The End of the World

The End of the World

Haha . . . you guys are probably hearing a lot about that right now. I haven´t heard too much about it. Investigators just like asking us what we think. We try and answer the question without going too far away from the lesson. Usually it ends up being something like ´´Jesus taught that no one but His Father knows when He will come. We don´t know if He will be coming tomorrow or in a hundred years. Either way it is important to prepare ourselves for when He does come. The best way to do that is . . . ´´

I had a really funny thing happen this week. I lost my USB. (Which is a big deal, all my music is on there and a few church videos).  I started looking through the entire apartment looking for it. Soon the other missionaries joined in. We looked everywhere. It was kind of ridiculous in how many places we looked. But we didn´t find it. Finally I gave up and went to bed. The next morning as I was praying, I felt a sense of calm that I would find it later in the day. We had a missionary meeting in San Salvador. When we came back later, I went to my English Scriptures and found the thing hidden in the case. All that work to find it when it was in the scriptures the whole time! I guess that compares to the way we search for answers everywhere, only to realize that the answer was in the scriptures the whole time.

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Season! It is going by WAY too fast here in Argentina!


An Ice Cream Cake that was SUPER good. 

The hike to this beautiful lake where Elder Ipsen and I got to go through an area that said 'NO TRESPASSING' because we asked. So we got to go take pictures from this bridge and tower.


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10, 2012 Pictures or not

This week as we were visiting some references down a street we noticed a girl laugh at us and walk into her house. We decided to go and knock anyways because someone had told us they might be interested. We ended up teaching a lesson! I guess we never know who will or won´t accept us. Even when it looks like they really don´t, it doesn´t hurt to ask!

Well I am trying to send pictures . . . from the computers I have been on the last few weeks. But, if I could send you pictures, they would probably show:

The cakes some sister missionaries made for my birthday last district meeting and the candle that was more of a firework;

The hike to this beautiful lake where Elder Ipsen and I got to go through an area that said NO TRESSPASSING, because we asked. So we got to go take pictures from this bridge and tower.

An Ice Cream Cake from the Cadena family that was SUPER good. At dinner they had us face the wall and close our eyes. I was worried something terrible was about to happen. But it turned out that they had a cake prepared. This candle wasn´t nearly as terrifying. So I made a wish and blew it out.

But sadly I can´t send pictures because of the computers that I have been forced to use these last few weeks. I did have a WONDERFUL birthday though, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone!

This week I had to hold back a laugh when a 6 year old told an investigator to only take ONE piece of the bread when the sacrament was passed around. His parent had taught him well.

The Gospel is True and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec 3, 2012 A Really Good Week

This morning I got up and made German Pancakes and Rolls. The first time for both here in Argentina. You have to light the oven with a match and then try and adjust the flame to get the right temperature. I am really happy that they turned out so well.

This week Elder ViƱas of the Seventy toured the mission. He asked all of us to prepare a talk on the Atonement and how it affects our mission. He explained how as we get closer to Christ we are sometimes more aware of our shortcomings than we ever have been in our life. I was so grateful for him reminding me of that. The mission is a very active environment and I have become very familiar with my shortcomings.  

Elder Ipsen and I have been working very hard on getting more people to church. I think one of the most frustrating things on my mission is respecting the agency of others. My job is to testify with the spirit and the rest is really up to the investigator. 

I keep hearing about my friends who are leaving on missions! I am so excited to see the work going forward! Congrats on your calls!

Well my camera just died, so I will have to wait another week to show you my AMAZING pictures.


*Elder Taylor Ball*