Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10, 2012 Pictures or not

This week as we were visiting some references down a street we noticed a girl laugh at us and walk into her house. We decided to go and knock anyways because someone had told us they might be interested. We ended up teaching a lesson! I guess we never know who will or won´t accept us. Even when it looks like they really don´t, it doesn´t hurt to ask!

Well I am trying to send pictures . . . from the computers I have been on the last few weeks. But, if I could send you pictures, they would probably show:

The cakes some sister missionaries made for my birthday last district meeting and the candle that was more of a firework;

The hike to this beautiful lake where Elder Ipsen and I got to go through an area that said NO TRESSPASSING, because we asked. So we got to go take pictures from this bridge and tower.

An Ice Cream Cake from the Cadena family that was SUPER good. At dinner they had us face the wall and close our eyes. I was worried something terrible was about to happen. But it turned out that they had a cake prepared. This candle wasn´t nearly as terrifying. So I made a wish and blew it out.

But sadly I can´t send pictures because of the computers that I have been forced to use these last few weeks. I did have a WONDERFUL birthday though, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone!

This week I had to hold back a laugh when a 6 year old told an investigator to only take ONE piece of the bread when the sacrament was passed around. His parent had taught him well.

The Gospel is True and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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