Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2013 They are waiting for us!

They are waiting for us!

58 New Missions are being opened in the world! I am so excited to see the work progress like that! I have heard about a lot of my friends being called to missions, and I know many that are in their missions right now, and my sister Amanda is preparing to go on her mission. Today I really wanted to write to the people who are getting ready to go. I have had SO many amazing experiences where I have met people who were waiting for us.

A man had attended church ten years before but was never baptized. After he stopped attending, he became an alcoholic. He became so bad that he stopped eating and drank nothing but wine. His wife kicked him out of her home and told him not to come back until he was ready to change. He became so weak from his lifestyle and from diabetes that when he did come back, he was too weak to move from the car. His wife prayed for strength and helped him move from the car to the house. In the morning they went to the doctor. That afternoon we showed up looking for someone else who had also listened to missionaries before, and his wife asked us to return the next day. They were waiting outside of the house when we came. He had not had a drink for over a month. We took him to the house of another man struggling with the same addiction, and He told the man how his greatest desire was to be baptized and to receive the Holy Ghost.

A woman asked God if she was really important. Maybe she was overwhelmed with taking care of her 2 year old son, her studies, and problems in her relationship. We arrived at her house that same evening. She accepted the gospel and would walk almost a mile with her two year old son to get to church. Her boyfriend wasn´t ready to commit to marriage, keeping her from being baptized. She frequently told us how much she wants to be baptized.

Another investigator was facing several family problems in his life. He prayed to God and promised him that if He would solve the problems that the investigator would try and get closer to him. God helped him solve the problem and a few days later his member girlfriend introduced him to us.

I know that the Lord is preparing people to receive the gospel. There really are many people who are earnestly looking for the truth, but they don´t know where to find it! I invite every young person in the church to seriously consider serving a full time mission. I know that the Lord will confirm to you what is His will for you. I have found more joy in serving the Lord then I ever have felt before in my life! I know that everyone can help others ´´come unto Christ´´ every day, and by doing that find more joy by losing yourself in the great work. I hope that you are preparing yourself now for your call to serve.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb 18, 2013 Ridin' Solo

Ridin´ Solo

Elder Costilla completed his two weeks and is heading home. School is starting here now because summer is ending, so it looks like I am moving in with my district leader (who actually lives in my area.) Things could still work out, but if not I will be getting members from my ward to go with me to keep investigators progressing for the next three weeks.

This Saturday we had a wonderful baptism. Josefina is 8 years old, a bunch of her older siblings are members too, but neither of her parents are. She has the advantage of having some great examples.

I am learning a lot about patience. Patience is not just about going through a hard experience. It´s about going through it without complaining and being positive. It's about pushing forward with faith even when things are going to take time to work out.

Sorry that this is short, but I love you all! Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 11, 2013 It's a great CRAZY life!

It´s a great CRAZY life!

I am amazed at how happy I am right now. I LOVE the mission. If I were right next to you, I would be shouting it in your ear, doing a jumping jack, and handing you copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out!

This week was the Baptism of Joaquin! He was super ready and I felt the spirit very strong in the baptism. It is such an important step in our lives to make a promise with God that, in turn, promises Eternal life if we keep our part of the agreement.

Our Branch Mission Leader is such an inspiration. He took the day off of work all of Friday to work with me last week, and this week he went we me all of Monday in the evening. On Sunday he came to church despite having a very injured leg, (And he lives VERY far away from the chapel) and gave an amazing class about leaving unrighteous traditions for the traditions of the Lord. The Gospel will change us if we let it!

I am trying to apply some advice that he gave me. He said to promise people amazing spiritual experiences that they have never had before. Sunday night we had a first lesson with the girlfriend of a member. We watched the Restoration. I LOVE that movie. She said afterwards that it was a very POWERFUL movie. I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised her that if she read it, meditated about what it says, and prayed about it that the Lord would testify to her that it is true. We set a goal for her baptism for the second weekend of March. I hope she makes it!

Last night we were heading home when we decided to visit one last person on the way back. We visited a less active member who insisted that he didn´t need the church anymore. I shared part of D&C 59 and testified about the importance of the sacrament. He still was hesitant, but agreed to pray about it. So we felt the prompting to have him do the prayer there. We all prayed, and afterwards his whole attitude changed. The Spirit changes everything.

It is a wonderful, amazing, and even a crazy thing to be a missionary. But I can think of no better thing I could be doing with my life right now!

Have a wonderful week! Remember that Feb 14 is International Dear John your Elder Day!
*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4, 2013 Lesson


Well Elder Flores had to go home because of a family emergency. We had a super cool 2 weeks. We ate a different kind of pancakes like every day. The Lord definitely sent him here for a purpose. One of those was to help Joaquin. Joaquin is an investigator we have who studied for a long time with Jehovah Witnesses. Elder Flores knew all of the questions he was going to ask. I think a lesson we had Thursday night was the most spiritual lesson I have ever had. He asked who was Jehovah. We had prepared and we used about 40 scriptures that lesson. The most important part of that lesson was that we had the spirit. There was a sense of peace and a calming atmosphere that allowed Joaquin to accept our testimony that Jesus is the Christ. Elder Flores said the moment that he really felt the spirit in that lesson was when we shared Genesis Chapter one where it says we will make him in our image. Showing that Christ participated in the creation.

I love you all! We are planning the baptism for Joaquin for this Saturday!

*Elder Taylor Ball*