Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2013 They are waiting for us!

They are waiting for us!

58 New Missions are being opened in the world! I am so excited to see the work progress like that! I have heard about a lot of my friends being called to missions, and I know many that are in their missions right now, and my sister Amanda is preparing to go on her mission. Today I really wanted to write to the people who are getting ready to go. I have had SO many amazing experiences where I have met people who were waiting for us.

A man had attended church ten years before but was never baptized. After he stopped attending, he became an alcoholic. He became so bad that he stopped eating and drank nothing but wine. His wife kicked him out of her home and told him not to come back until he was ready to change. He became so weak from his lifestyle and from diabetes that when he did come back, he was too weak to move from the car. His wife prayed for strength and helped him move from the car to the house. In the morning they went to the doctor. That afternoon we showed up looking for someone else who had also listened to missionaries before, and his wife asked us to return the next day. They were waiting outside of the house when we came. He had not had a drink for over a month. We took him to the house of another man struggling with the same addiction, and He told the man how his greatest desire was to be baptized and to receive the Holy Ghost.

A woman asked God if she was really important. Maybe she was overwhelmed with taking care of her 2 year old son, her studies, and problems in her relationship. We arrived at her house that same evening. She accepted the gospel and would walk almost a mile with her two year old son to get to church. Her boyfriend wasn´t ready to commit to marriage, keeping her from being baptized. She frequently told us how much she wants to be baptized.

Another investigator was facing several family problems in his life. He prayed to God and promised him that if He would solve the problems that the investigator would try and get closer to him. God helped him solve the problem and a few days later his member girlfriend introduced him to us.

I know that the Lord is preparing people to receive the gospel. There really are many people who are earnestly looking for the truth, but they don´t know where to find it! I invite every young person in the church to seriously consider serving a full time mission. I know that the Lord will confirm to you what is His will for you. I have found more joy in serving the Lord then I ever have felt before in my life! I know that everyone can help others ´´come unto Christ´´ every day, and by doing that find more joy by losing yourself in the great work. I hope that you are preparing yourself now for your call to serve.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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