Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4, 2013 Lesson


Well Elder Flores had to go home because of a family emergency. We had a super cool 2 weeks. We ate a different kind of pancakes like every day. The Lord definitely sent him here for a purpose. One of those was to help Joaquin. Joaquin is an investigator we have who studied for a long time with Jehovah Witnesses. Elder Flores knew all of the questions he was going to ask. I think a lesson we had Thursday night was the most spiritual lesson I have ever had. He asked who was Jehovah. We had prepared and we used about 40 scriptures that lesson. The most important part of that lesson was that we had the spirit. There was a sense of peace and a calming atmosphere that allowed Joaquin to accept our testimony that Jesus is the Christ. Elder Flores said the moment that he really felt the spirit in that lesson was when we shared Genesis Chapter one where it says we will make him in our image. Showing that Christ participated in the creation.

I love you all! We are planning the baptism for Joaquin for this Saturday!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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