Monday, March 4, 2013

Mar 4, 2013 Believe in God

Believe in God

For some reason these last few weeks I have been talking to a lot of youth who have a hard time believing that God exists. One teenage girl told me that because she cannot see she cannot believe. When I asked another teenager what he believed, he paused for a moment and then responded that he didn´t believe in anything.

There are many who see in faith only empty rituals, and God as an excuse to believe in anything. They say they will not believe unless God forces them or shows them a great sign.

I find my faith in God in the little miracles I see every day. In the strength that I find when I felt like I had nothing more to give. My faith grows as I talk with God in honest prayer and then truly listen to His words.

To the teenager who told me that he didn´t believe in anything I responded with something like this,

´´Do you believe in the United States?´´

He said, ´´Yes´´

“But have you ever seen the United States?” I asked

He said ´´No,´´ but that he had seen it on the television.´´

I then told him that he could know that he could know if God exists if he would turn on God´s television, the scriptures. I then asked him if he had ever read them.

He said they didn´t interest him.

Then I asked him if he had ever prayed to God.

He said no,

I told him that he wasn´t using the cell phone that God had given him.

A miracle happened to me this week. Remember that sombrero that I use? The amazingly, attractive one? We were walking down a street in the middle of the day and I felt like I shouldn´t walk down that street. I went anyways and just decided to walk faster. Some teenagers started to shout out ´´├Łankee! Yankee!´´ One came up behind asking for money. I kept my eyes forward and walked a little faster, but the teenager behind me grabbed my hat and ran away. I really wasn´t in any danger, but I felt a little sad to lose my attractive hat as he ran away.

The next day I was hurrying to a lesson when a lady called to us and asked us if we had a minute. We said yes and walked over to the lady. She explained that she and her son had seen what happened the other day and that she had sent her son to get the hat from the teenager. Her son had been looking for us yesterday on his motorcycle, but couldn´t find us. She then gave me back the hat I never thought I would see again.

I know that we can come to know Christ personally as we read His words. God hears our prayers. The Truth will prevail.

The Gospel is True and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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