Monday, April 1, 2013

Apr 1, 2013 I Hope You Are Having the Experience I Am Having!

I Hope You Are Having the Experience I Am Having!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I know shouting isn´t polite, but I love the way I feel, the opportunities I have, and the things I am learning.

First off, I love feeling the Holy Ghost guide me. Going to visit someone based off of a prompting can change lives. This week we felt prompted to go and visit a member who has been struggling to get to church. We just talked outside for a little bit, I invited her to read "Mountains to Climb" by Elder Eyring from 2 conferences ago, and invited her to find a way to serve others in her trials. She came to church this week, I thought she seemed to be much happier.

I love studying the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Us missionaries today are so lucky to have such a powerful guide. Tuesday I was studying for our companionship study, since I am training, and as I reviewed the importance of promising blessings to investigators, I felt like that was something we could work on. As we have focused on helping our investigators see the ´Why´of the gospel, a lot of their excuses disappear. Later I was studying about Ammon´s joy after his mission in Alma 27. I felt such a connection to them. I want to be like them.

Something funny that happened this week. We were walking home and my companion decided to buy some juice. Two blocks from home I noticed that there was only a little left, so I grabbed it from his backpack, ´´You weren´t thirsty anymore? . . . Right?´´ I said jokingly as I lifted the box of juice to my lips. Right as it started to pour, a huge dog barked at me from behind the fence and the juice spilled all over me. Karma.

The Gospel is True and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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