Monday, April 29, 2013

Apr 29, 2013 Chased by an Elephant

As a smaller child I learned the Articles of Faith in Primary. I especially remembered the Thirteenth article of faith.  I loved reciting with the other kids, ´´We believe in being honest, true, chased by an Elephant, virtuous . . .´´  I have to admit it confused me a bit as to why we believed in being chased by an elephant.  I remember visualizing that in my head in Primary while the other kids were probably thinking about spiritual things.  Things made much more sense after I learned that it really went, ´´ We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, . . .´´

I think before I got to the mission I had a lot of misconceptions (Misconception: (n) 1. a big long word that means wrong idea, imagined in a way that is not true 2. a plant in Africa)  about the mission.  I wanted to talk about three of them today: Missionaries are perfect, very rarely do people know someone ready to learn about the gospel, and Greenies don´t know anything.

Missionaries are perfect,

I don´t know why I EVER thought that I would suddenly be perfect when I got to the mission.  haha.  but I do try hard.  I make a lot of food for Elder Lippold to make up for some short comings.  Elder Lippold has a favorite gray zip tie that was going to be the only tie he was going to wear during his mission.  Last week I was pouring soup in front of him and it splashed all over his tie.  I laughed so hard.  He wears other ties now.

In Spanish, adjectives are very interesting.  When you put an adjective like “grande” in front of a name, it means that person was great, but when you but when you put it after the name it means tall or fat.  Last district meeting we were in a practice - talking to a missionary and acting like an investigator.  When the investigator asked what we believe about Mary, my companion said that ´´Maria es una mujer grande´´ or that “Mary is a big fattish woman”.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face after that one.

Very rarely do people know someone ready to learn about the gospel

False.  I am getting better at asking everyone about who they know.  The Lord is preparing people in every part of the world.  ´´The field is white, ready to harvest . . .´´

Beginning missionaries don´t know anything

Elder Lippold, bless his soul, is doing a great job of training me. Sunday we had very few investigators show up at first.  Elder Lippold suggested going out and looking for someone.  I felt that it was right too, so we went.  I was getting ready to drop the cane like no cane had been dropped before.  I got to the family, and then I felt like I chickened out.  Later that night Elder Lippold said, ´´Wow, you really dropped the cane on them.´´ 

´´I thought I was kind of weak on them´´ I said.

´´Well you got Cipriana to cry, and in your prayer all you talked about was the Atonement of Christ, and that they would be able to go to Church to take advantage of it.´´

´´I thought she felt the spirit.´´

´´You even dropped cane on her in the blessing you gave her.´´  

Whoops,  I guess that’s why we go in companionships. To Learn.  I don´t really think it was bad what I did though in that case.  We both agreed that they are going to go to Church more frequently now.

I think the thing that I have learned most of all up to now is that my biggest tools are the Spirit, the Book of Mormon, and my testimony.  I am so thankful that the Lord let me be a missionary!

Elder Ball

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