Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 Not Too Cool for Cat Food

Not Too Cool for Cat Food
Preach My Gospel says that we should learn more about the culture of the places where we are serving, so here is Elder Lippold and I eating Picadillo.

Picadillo is a canned mystery meat that is eaten with crackers.  It’s rather salty and actually not that bad.  Elder Lippold calls it cat food.  It smells like it. He he

It was awesome talking with my family last week.  It feels like that was forever ago.  I missed seeing Marie and Jennifer, but it was great seeing Danielle after almost 2 years.

Life is awesome here in Tartagal.  We had interviews with President Levrino on Friday.  I came prepared with questions.  One of them was how to pray with all the energy of my heart (Moroni 7 Charity).  He suggested that I read Joseph Smith History before the First Vision.  I am learning a lot about meditating over a gospel subject and about how I need to constantly learn and improve.

We have a mission challenge to read all of the Book of Mormon in 60 days.  I started in Alma 32 because that is where I was.  But today I just finished Ether.  I think it is interesting how Moroni focused a lot of his account on the destruccion of the Jaredite people.  Maybe that is because he felt a connection to all the destruccion he had witnessed.  The Gospel really is the only solucion to global conflicts.

We have been doing a lot of finding these last few weeks.  I love sharing the story of Joseph Smith.  I feel the spirit so strongly as we share about the first vision.  

We gave talks this week in church.  I focused on reading the Book of Mormon.  

The work keeps on moving on!  Next week I will have to talk a little bit more about our teaching experiences!
We have to cross this bridge to get to church.


 At night they actually have the fountains going here.  All the cities I have been in have really beautiful plazas

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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