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May 27, 2013 On the Road

On the Road

Today I wanted to talk about what we do most - teaching. It has been a good week. We´ve talked to Evangelical Pastors, found two new families, and two families of recent converts.  The Branch I am working in - Villa Saavedra, is working hard to grow.  We have a big activity this Thursday in the church.  We are going to be watching Joseph Smith - Prophet of the Restoration!

Our President has been encouraging us to commit people more powerfully by having them sign a baptismal record when they accept a baptismal invitation.  We did that Monday night with some kids. The 8 year old is super cool.  He is always asking when we are coming over and reads everything we leave.  Us kids are so open to the gospel.

Tuesday, we were contacting a house when a lady we didn´t know came out.  The person we were trying to contact wasn´t there, so we tried to speak with her.  She asked if we were protestants, I explained that we aren´t.  She asked what the difference was, I told her we would love to tell her that if she would let us in to share our message.  She let us in.

Wednesday we were visiting a lot of recent converts.  Sadly a lot of people have stopped assisting church after they were baptized.  We taught all of Lesson 5 in a quick overview lesson.  I like teaching the lesson that way, because it gives a clear ´´what´s next´´ to the new members.  We did have a less active member come to church this Sunday who hasn´t come for several years. Later in the week I was talking to a less active member.  I was a little frustrated with him.  He was raised in the church, but left in his teenage years and never came back.  I was really bold in telling him that his salvation depended on him going back to church. I was reading about how frustrated Nephi was with his brothers today and that made me feel a little better for getting so agitated about people leaving the church.

Thursday we had a branch activity where I gave the lesson. We made a list of the ideal family, and read some stuff about that.  Then we talked about how Family Home Evening, Scripture study, and prayer bring the spirit.  Then we read Galatians 5:22.  One of the investigators there gasped as she saw the same list we had written describing the ideal family found in the scriptures as fruits of the spirit.

The rest of the week was a mad dash to help people come to church.  Elder Lippold and I are going to be focusing on commitments and the way we invite people to make changes in their lives.  I am excited for another week!

Well, Times up!  

The Gospel is true and I love you!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

2 years ago there was a big flash flood here.  There is still a line on a lot of the houses here from where the water got to.

Today we made Garlic Fries and Milanesa.  Milanesa is breaded meat (kind of like chicken nuggets, but not)  

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