Monday, May 6, 2013

May 5, 2013 Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry her?

One of the funnest things to teach to people is the law of chastity.  It is hard to teach it in a way that is not awkward.  Most people here in Tartagal are not married.  It´s just something that most people don´t do, so it's usually something on our mind when we begin teaching people.

Jess is an amazing investigator.  We met her when a member told us to go and visit her mom.  Last night we had ´´the talk.´´ Elder Lippold and I have seen a lot of progress in her, (She has read the entire illustrated Book of Mormon that we gave to her brother, all of the lesson papers (folletos? I cayn´t spreak Englersh?)  and walks miles to get to church with her baby in her arms.)  So needless to say, Elder Lippold and I put special preparation into that lesson.  We told her and her boyfriend that we would be talking about the family the following lesson, and told them it was really important that they both were there.

As we prepared for the lesson, we felt guided to focus more on the home, and raising children.  We found the principles of successful homes in the Family Proclamation and made a cute little diagram of a house where the foundation is the teachings of Christ, the walls are the principles of a successful family, and the roof is happiness and family unity.  
We get the the cita (Lesson) all excited and prepared and BOOM  the boyfriend isn´t there.  So we teach about the family, but don´t mention anything about marriage because we want to teach them both about it.

We didn´t see him all week until last night.  And I didn´t say the words, ´´Will you marry her?´´ (Although I have before . . . I don´t think it went over so hot).  But I did explain how having a unified marriage brings the blessings of heaven to them and their family.  I invited them to pray about it.  Jess’s mom is convinced that she should get married now though . . . haha.  

Please pray for me and my investigators to progress every day.

The Gospel is true and I love you!

Elder Ball

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