Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 I'm Learning How to Juggle

I´m Learning How to Juggle!

I got a letter from a friend who told me about a teacher who was teaching his students how to juggle.  He told his students that every time they dropped a ball not to feel bad, but instead shout ´´YEA I´m LEARNING HOW TO JUGGLE!!´´  Well I am not really learning how to juggle, but I do ´drop the ball´ sometimes and so I think I am going to be yelling that a lot!

I LOVED the broadcast yesterday.  I feel such a renewal of energy and excitement with these inspired changes and enhancements.  I hope everyone has seen the broadcast.  I felt the spirit super strong when they talked about family history.  We are teaching a woman who is super interested, but her husband not so much because of his catholic roots.  I learned last week that we have a family history center here!  I talked with him about family history and he was very interested.  We are going to take him there soon and then baptize him!  Mua ha ha.

This week Elder Ortiz has had a serious case of the sniffles, well, its a bit more serious than that, but I have had to leave him in the care of a member for a few hours so that I could go out and contact our investigators.  We have SO many good things happening in our area!  A half drunk man said ´´Hello Elder´´ to me in the street Tuesday.  I stopped and talked to him. (I wasn´t sure if he was drunk or crazy or neither at first).  We went and talked to his wife who was sick.  We had a great short lesson and left a Book of Mormon.  When I passed by yesterday, they were very happy to talk with us again.

Monday I went to the Double Arches for the first time in a year.  I had a Chicken Bacon Onion Sandwich.  First time having bacon in more than a year.  WONDERFUL.  A lot better than I remembered McDonalds being . . . hmm

Happy Juggling!

Elder Ball 

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