Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 No Time

I have no time!  AHHHHH!!! haha Today we went Downtown to buy some things for the apartment.  (I LOOOVE Refrigerators.

I am teaching a less active family.  The dad is super cool, he just needs to change a few things.  I shared with him things that my Dad did for us to keep us centered in the gospel.  

Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 Time flies, jumps and hops by

Time flies, jumps and hops by. I cannot believe it is Monday!

Last night I had some wonderful lessons.  We were on divisions and I was with the 2nd counciler of the ward.  (I can´t speeeellll Bishopbrick . . . haha I am losing my English!  You have NO idea how hard these letters are becoming!) He pointed to a house and told me that the people there were members, so I went to go knock the door, the counciler was really worried, but we got in and met with an awesome family.  Most of them were youth age or primary aged.  I shared a scripture in D&C 59 were it talks about stains and the sacrament.  It was a really fun lesson, we goofed off a lot and ended it super spiritual.  I asked for a reference from every member of the family and got one.  GOLDEN.

One day this week, (Don´t ask me which, its all a blur)  every lesson we had fudged us.  It was crazy.  And somehow we ended up at a house of a member.  I had passed by there once to talk with the inactive brother in the house, but we hadn´t found him before.  We talked and shared a bunch of scriptures.  Afterwards he told us that in 8 years we were the first to come and share scriptures with him.  He´s going to be active soon.  Pray for Miguel.  

Not all is sun and roses, and we don´t always see the fruits of our work.  One brother got offended pretty bad last Sunday and swore never to go back to church.  The missionary that baptized his family was visiting them and we went over to talk about the importance of forgiving, but he isn´t willing to let it go right now.  I hope he does soon.  We were there for about an hour.  (Usually visits should only be about 45 minutes max, and we weren´t planning on visiting him at that time, but I felt like we should pass by, so we did)

Elder Arendarsuk is from Buenos Aires.  A very humble man who recognizes his weaknesses and knows why he is here.  The Lord is going to work miracles with this Elder.  I am excited.  He has about 6 months in the mission.

Love you all!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Candy Package!!!! YEAAAHHHH I am going to eat Chinese food this week!  Today!!!! CCCCHOCOLATE!!!! WHOOOT!!! I will neither confirm nor deny having a breakfast of chocolate this morning.  Good thing my mom sent toothbrushes too.

Also Me in the streets of Tucuman.  

and My new comp!

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Transfers

Transfers!  Elder Ortiz is being transferred and I am receiving a companion with a name I can´t pronounce yet. Elder Arendarsuk. (spelling?).

I am excited for my ward.  We are seeing some nice growth, we just need to stay focused and we will get there.  We have two really awesome baptisms on the horizon.  The Bishop’s son committed to be baptized next week. We also committed Ruth to be baptized.  

I am discovering that the best way to get members to help us in the work is to help them feel the spirit.  There is a member in our ward who always tells us that he has no time because he is studying.  I went and shared a scripture in Lucas 2 that talks about Christ growing, 52 And Jesus aincreased in bwisdom and stature, and in cfavour with God and man. And I shared about how it is important to have a balanced life.  He changed his clothes quickly and went to accompany us.

I am starting to see why the Lord sent me here to this ward.  I am excited because I see how I can help this ward grow.  

Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 July

This week was a busy, busy week. We are teaching a LOT! This Thursday we had a zone meeting with President Levrino. He talked about the importance of understanding who we are and our calling. He talked about how missionary work is changing. The Lord is revealing and teaching exciting new things about the Work of Salvation. The focus is more on helping people get to the celestial kingdom. We are here to help members with the work. This is the work of the members. Missionaries are members too, haha, but to achieve real growth, we have to change everything about how we are working.

Elder Ortiz and I were super excited after the training. We went out and had 9 lessons the next day. We were going from one lesson to another to another. It has been exciting to see how things are changing. We are going to see a lot of differences in this area over the next few weeks.

Walking here to the Ciber to write y├íll I paused at a park to take a picture. Two abuelitas (grandmas) were walking behind me as I took a picture to send. They joked about not wanting to be in the picture. So I walked over and contacted them. They asked me if I was getting married soon. I laughed. I asked them if they knew that they could be with their families forever. We have a visit with them planned for tomorrow.  I gave them both a picture of the temple and took a picture with them.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 Still Clueless

Still Clueless

This week was amazing!  We were able to baptize two super cool kids that were just ready and waiting.  The ward helped us find them.  They were invited to a ward primary activity, and there the mother contacted us and told us that the two kids wanted to be baptized.  We thought that was a great idea.

We are working a lot more with Family Home Evenings. We are going to one tonight where there is another part member family that we will be talking with.  I am excited to be working more with the ward.

This Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.  I had a few scriptures written out, but I wasn´t exactly sure what I would speak about.  That morning we did divisions to go and look for investigators.  While walking, the member taught me a lot about the ward.  When my turn came to speak, I didn´t know exactly what I was going to say. I asked all of the members (with the bishop's permission) to move 2 benches forward.  Everyone was used to sitting way back in this ward, so it was a fun change.  I talked about God crying in Moses in the Pearl of Great Price, because people didn´t love each other.  I talked about the importance of seeing who is at church and being friends with them.  A sister started to clap at the end of my talk. I felt pretty good after that talk.

God finds a way to keep us humble though.  That night we did divisions again.  We went to the same member's house who went with me that morning.  His wife is not going to church right now.  What happened next was a mixture of codes and code talk that left me bedazzled. I had no clue what was going on. Her husband turned to me in the middle of the lesson and said, ´´This is why you have to bring members to your lessons, Elder.´´  Yes Sir!

Haha well I learned a lot from that lesson last night. One thing I learned is to try and see why people are saying the things they say, and another is patience, another was that we can´t force people to be good, and well the list goes on. We do a lot of good things as missionaries, but in the end, I´m still clueless.  

Good thing that someone smarter than me is directing this work.

Love you guys!  Have a Great Week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*