Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Transfers

Transfers!  Elder Ortiz is being transferred and I am receiving a companion with a name I can´t pronounce yet. Elder Arendarsuk. (spelling?).

I am excited for my ward.  We are seeing some nice growth, we just need to stay focused and we will get there.  We have two really awesome baptisms on the horizon.  The Bishop’s son committed to be baptized next week. We also committed Ruth to be baptized.  

I am discovering that the best way to get members to help us in the work is to help them feel the spirit.  There is a member in our ward who always tells us that he has no time because he is studying.  I went and shared a scripture in Lucas 2 that talks about Christ growing, 52 And Jesus aincreased in bwisdom and stature, and in cfavour with God and man. And I shared about how it is important to have a balanced life.  He changed his clothes quickly and went to accompany us.

I am starting to see why the Lord sent me here to this ward.  I am excited because I see how I can help this ward grow.  

Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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