Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 Still Clueless

Still Clueless

This week was amazing!  We were able to baptize two super cool kids that were just ready and waiting.  The ward helped us find them.  They were invited to a ward primary activity, and there the mother contacted us and told us that the two kids wanted to be baptized.  We thought that was a great idea.

We are working a lot more with Family Home Evenings. We are going to one tonight where there is another part member family that we will be talking with.  I am excited to be working more with the ward.

This Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.  I had a few scriptures written out, but I wasn´t exactly sure what I would speak about.  That morning we did divisions to go and look for investigators.  While walking, the member taught me a lot about the ward.  When my turn came to speak, I didn´t know exactly what I was going to say. I asked all of the members (with the bishop's permission) to move 2 benches forward.  Everyone was used to sitting way back in this ward, so it was a fun change.  I talked about God crying in Moses in the Pearl of Great Price, because people didn´t love each other.  I talked about the importance of seeing who is at church and being friends with them.  A sister started to clap at the end of my talk. I felt pretty good after that talk.

God finds a way to keep us humble though.  That night we did divisions again.  We went to the same member's house who went with me that morning.  His wife is not going to church right now.  What happened next was a mixture of codes and code talk that left me bedazzled. I had no clue what was going on. Her husband turned to me in the middle of the lesson and said, ´´This is why you have to bring members to your lessons, Elder.´´  Yes Sir!

Haha well I learned a lot from that lesson last night. One thing I learned is to try and see why people are saying the things they say, and another is patience, another was that we can´t force people to be good, and well the list goes on. We do a lot of good things as missionaries, but in the end, I´m still clueless.  

Good thing that someone smarter than me is directing this work.

Love you guys!  Have a Great Week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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