Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 2013 Christ Statute, Baptism, Teaching

Well last Monday I went to see the famous Christ statue they have here in Tucuman, apparently it is one of the biggest Christ statues in the world.

It was cool.  Really different from what I am used to doing every day.  It was a fun activity.  There was a mini museum inside that I used to learn all the small little trivia about the mountain that I used to annoy all that went with me. 

We had a baptism this week.  She is a really sweet little girl.  Her mom is coming back to the church.  We had to have had bravery when we invited her to be baptized last Thursday.  It was our 2nd lesson with her and she accepted to be baptized in 10 days.  She had already been to church when she was littler so she learned everything quickly.  We are going to take our time while we teach her the recent convert lessons.

The girl who was baptized a few weeks back keeps cruising through the Book of Mormon. She just finished Jacob.

We had interviews with President.  I asked him what I was lacking to become the missionary the Lord wants me to be.  We talked a little about the Young Rich Merchant, and about how we can´t conform to where we are, we always have to aspire for more.

Had an interesting lesson with a man that we have been teaching for a while.  He has a patch over one eye because of an accident at work.  He asked if God was punishing him.  I shared with him a story from the Bible when Christ explained that a man was blind not because of his sins.  Then we talked about the purpose of trials in this life.  It was neat because I felt a lot more confidence answering that question than I would have before my mission.

Wow, time passes by so quickly.  I have like no time to write.  But I love you all!  Keep working hard and striving to always be something more than what you are today!

Elder Ball

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  1. Hi Elder Ball,
    This is Wi. I just randomly found your mission blog. And I see that you are having great times on your mission in Salta!! My missionary Elder Blake Ellertson will be in Argentina next week!!! (i'm his girlfriend) His district will be leaving MTC Provo next Monday (Aug 26), probably when you see this. Please look out for him and say Hi!!!!