Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aug 26, 2013 Transfers! Exciting super busy week!

Transfers!  And I am going . . . . . .  to stay!  Yeah!  I am really excited because two of the sisters of Ruth came to church on Sunday.  It was SO wonderful to see a family come together to church.  One of them has decided to be baptized!  

Sunday night we visited a family for the first time.  They had people visiting them so we ended up teaching eleven people.  It was really fun to teach a big group.  We weren’t able to teach very much, but I am excited for our next lesson this week.

Elder Arendarczuk is staying too.  He is a little shy, but he is very sincere and very observant. 

  Elder Casperson.  A Stud.

My District this last Transfer. Left to right.  Elder Trinidad was trained by Elder Gillis.  
Elder Harmon was in my first district.  Me. Elder Arendarczuk, Elder Carcamo, Elder Garbanzo


*Elder Taylor Ball*

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