Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 5, 2013 Barney, Baptism, and French Fries (see photo)


On the way to the cyber I saw Barney.  He waved and my companion waved, but I didn´t.  Purple Dinosaurs just don´t make as much sense as they did 15 years ago.  (I do remember my favorite episode was when Barney got the car though . . .)

She got Baptized!!! YEaH!  We have been working with her family since we got here.  I was about to drop them when we changed our focus with them to the Book of Mormon,  They started fighting over the book because everyone wanted to read at the same time, so we keep on giving them more copies.  If they are going to read them, then the Book of Mormons are theirs.  Haha, one of her´s sisters didn´t want to listen to us much, but saw her mom and her reading so much that she wanted to find out what was so interesting.  Mua ha ha!

She read up to Jacob before her baptism.  I think she is the most prepared person I have baptized yet.  Her baptism was a wonderful spiritual feast.

As a district we have a CRAZY goal for baptisms for the month.  30 baptisms for six elders.  We are going to do it!  Haha well, the Lord is going to do it and we are going to try and not get in the way by being disobedient, distracted, or fearful.

I love you all!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

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