Monday, August 12, 2013

July 12, 2013 A great family

Another exciting week!  Samira was baptized at last!  Missionaries have been visiting the family since April.  The best part is that her dad baptized her.  

Her family is one of my favorite families here in Universitario (I have a bunch of favorites)  They are members that went inactive about 6 years back, and the ward has helped a lot in visiting them to help the mom come back.  Funny note - We had the couple go with us to visit investigators to teach while the mom was still inactive.  I take less active members and put them to work!  I have another less active member making a DVD for me of the Leadership Training from February.  (Remember how the First Presidency asked that all the families and ward councils watch the training and discuss its principles?) Anyhoo . . . Doing what I can to help the work explode here.
We thought we had invitations, but we didn´t.  So we had to go running around last minute to make some last minute invitations for her baptism.  We had 5 investigators at the baptism.

One of the scariest things was inviting the daughter of a reactivating member to be baptized last week.  I still sometimes hesitate in extending baptismal invitations.  I need to have more faith and do it more confidently, but there is always something to improve here in the field.

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies today and now we are going to the hills for a hike this afternoon.  PARTY!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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