Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30, 2013 Baptism, Conference

I brought my camera this morning, but somehow the internet was down.  So we tried again this afternoon with a prayer and God blessed us. We have a lot more blessings that we think. But I forgot my camera . . .

A great young man was baptized this week.  Super cool.  He and his nephew (They are both 12 years old) ended up looking for 2 lifelong members and waking them up to bring them to church.  YEAH!!!!  Go Converts!

I had SOOO much that I was going to say . . . but now I have forgotten it all.  I have very little time.

We had zone conference.  Life changing.  I am learning more about repentance.  The mission is cool because we learn to apply things we have heard all our life but haven´t understood.

I am so Excited for Conference!  Pray that investigators come!!!!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 Fire Fighters, Leandro, and Recent Converts

Family History Work should really be called Fire Fighting, because if we don't do the work, the world is in trouble when the Lord comes again.  (I guess it is really fire prevention then, but Fire Fighting sounds WAY cooler than Fire Preventing). This week we invited all of our recent converts and the less active families that we are working with to come with us to the Family History Center.  We had the great attendance of 2 people.  Elder Arendarczuk and me.  We have been talking a lot about family history, but I guess some people just need to find the spirit of Elijah for themselves.

I had one of the most spiritual baptismal interviews of my mission.  There is a man named Leandro, who has been working with missionaries for several months to overcome some serious addictions that he has.  It is amazing how much effort it takes to quit drinking.  We had the interview in the Sacrament Room  (I know Sacrament Room sounds wrong, but salon sacramental is the only name I can think of)  The lights were cut in the middle of the interview, but there was light outside and the emergency power lights.  Leandro has such a strong testimony.  His missionaries told me that his baptism was one of the most spiritual baptisms in his mission.

Everyone has been foretelling my future.  And by everyone I mean two people.  But it’s weird.  

One of our Recent Converts has been helping a family member receive the missionary discussions.  His cousin is going to be baptized this week.  The coolest part about teaching him is that we didn't have to invite him to read the Book of Mormon.  He did that.  And he made his cousin ask God if it was true too.  Studs.

Another convert has been sharing the gospel with all the world.  She takes her Book of Mormon everywhere she goes and wants to serve a mission.

Recent Converts are the best.  I think we all need to be a little more 'recent converted'

Well I will be sure to add pictures next week! Have a great week!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 15, 2013 New members, cooking lessons, and weather turn arounds

You thought Utah weather was crazy.  This week started out about 100 degrees and ended in the 50s.  I’ve got a stuffy nose haha.  But it is nice because it is harder to sleep when it is so hot.

Our last baptism has been doing some missionary work.  He invited one of his friends (who is also his uncle . . . same age) to a piano class that I gave.  Super cool guy.  I think the third time I saw him, he told me that he wanted to be baptized.  He wanted to be baptized this Saturday, but I told him he had to go to church first haha.  It’s nice because this way they can read the Book of Mormon together. His parents watched the DVD we left with them, The Restoration.  The only problem was that they put it in English. . . sigh haha but we are going to go and talk with his family.

This Sunday was the ward Primary Program.  I had to sight read the music. . . . AHHHH did not go amazing.  Practice helps.  It was mostly good, but I freaked out with A Child’s Prayer.  Definitely a song that needs practice.  I have gotten much better at sight reading on my mission.  After the program, the director of the music went up to conduct the last song.  She looked at me and I shook my head.  I was burnt from playing.  I ended up playing half way through. 

This morning we taught a family how to make pancakes and chocolate chip cookies.  It was so funny to see their reactions to maple syrup.  

Attached is a picture of a popular flour brand here in Argentina.  I don’t think a lot of people would like it back home.

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013 Don't Sweat it Joe

I don´t know who Joe is, but it´s a good name that goes with the first part of the title.  Last week I kind of freaked out because of a family that we are working with, who have some Jehovah Witness roots started to go all JW on us.  I was frustrated and spent a few hours Sunday night studying up special biblical scriptures to prove that we are right.  I proudly presented my list Monday thinking that it was going to solve EVERYTHING.  The thing is it only made everything worse.

Don´t get me wrong.  We should study and be ready to help people find the doctrine in the Bible.  We did that this week with a recent convert who started to have some doubts because she didn´t believe that God had a body.  We shared a few scriptures and she was good as new.  She said it was such a relief to know that she wasn´t in a false church.  But it didn´t work that way with the other family.

In the end I found out the best thing I could do was take away the list I gave them and focus on the normal discussions with them.  I didn´t make the list to Bible Bash.  But I guess that´s how it came across.  Bible Bashing doesn´t work.

Haha this week we were walking in a street when a Protestant Minister stopped us.  He started spouting out doctrine quoting about One God, One Faith, One Baptism.  He asked to see my Book of Mormon and saw a picture that I had inside. ´´AHA Graven Images!´´ he said.  And then he doubled the cover all the way over until it touched the back cover.  That was when he went too far.  You can say what you want, but when you start to mess with my scriptures, it's time to go. I told him to give me back my book.  He held onto it for a few more seconds.  I ordered him to let go of my book.  He let go.  We walked away.

The mission is full of experiences like that.  The Jehovah Witness family went to church this last Sunday.  We are now focusing on helping them have family home evenings.  There are a bunch of things that happen in life, but you can´t let it get you down.  Humor Helps.

In Argentina it is not uncommon to see people making out everywhere.  When we passed by a couple kissing, Elder Arendarczuk said, ´´Ugh, pornography.´´ I laughed so hard.

Well that is really all I have time for.  I am attaching some pictures so that you all can print them out and add them to your personal shrines of me.  
*Elder Taylor Ball*

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2, 2013 Trust in God

Trust in God

Nahuel was baptized!!!  (Pronounced Nawell)  He is the first person that I have baptized on my mission that I found by myself.  Everyone else has come from less active families, references, or recent converts.  The kid is awesome.  He is super excited to get the priesthood.  He lives really close to members who have a kid his age, so we have some good fellowshipping going on!

This week we have been focusing a lot on finding.  (We are baptizing all of our old investigators!  So we need new ones!)  I have had a few experiences like that, when people get their answers super quick they don't appreciate it as much.  But we left him with a Book of Mormon.  Someday . . .
Sunday afternoon we went to go visit a less active family.  A cousin was there and they didn't want to receive us because she was passing through a hard time.  I asked her if she had been praying to God for help.  She said yes.  We said, "Well we are here, will you let us in?"
She let us in.

I love being able to testify.  I read that Bruce R. McConkie once said “The crowning, convincing, converting power of gospel teaching is manifest when an inspired teacher says, ‘I know by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the revelations of the Holy Spirit to my soul, that the doctrines I have taught are true’” (Bruce R. McConkie, quoted in Teaching, No Greater Call, 43).  I love doing that.
Well that{s my week!

 Go to Church.  Repent, and Be Baptized!

*Elder Taylor Ball*
Baptism and my bishop healed my shoes.  Or put new soles on.  Either way.  It rocks having a Bishop who fixes shoes.