Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2, 2013 Trust in God

Trust in God

Nahuel was baptized!!!  (Pronounced Nawell)  He is the first person that I have baptized on my mission that I found by myself.  Everyone else has come from less active families, references, or recent converts.  The kid is awesome.  He is super excited to get the priesthood.  He lives really close to members who have a kid his age, so we have some good fellowshipping going on!

This week we have been focusing a lot on finding.  (We are baptizing all of our old investigators!  So we need new ones!)  I have had a few experiences like that, when people get their answers super quick they don't appreciate it as much.  But we left him with a Book of Mormon.  Someday . . .
Sunday afternoon we went to go visit a less active family.  A cousin was there and they didn't want to receive us because she was passing through a hard time.  I asked her if she had been praying to God for help.  She said yes.  We said, "Well we are here, will you let us in?"
She let us in.

I love being able to testify.  I read that Bruce R. McConkie once said “The crowning, convincing, converting power of gospel teaching is manifest when an inspired teacher says, ‘I know by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the revelations of the Holy Spirit to my soul, that the doctrines I have taught are true’” (Bruce R. McConkie, quoted in Teaching, No Greater Call, 43).  I love doing that.
Well that{s my week!

 Go to Church.  Repent, and Be Baptized!

*Elder Taylor Ball*
Baptism and my bishop healed my shoes.  Or put new soles on.  Either way.  It rocks having a Bishop who fixes shoes.

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