Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 Fire Fighters, Leandro, and Recent Converts

Family History Work should really be called Fire Fighting, because if we don't do the work, the world is in trouble when the Lord comes again.  (I guess it is really fire prevention then, but Fire Fighting sounds WAY cooler than Fire Preventing). This week we invited all of our recent converts and the less active families that we are working with to come with us to the Family History Center.  We had the great attendance of 2 people.  Elder Arendarczuk and me.  We have been talking a lot about family history, but I guess some people just need to find the spirit of Elijah for themselves.

I had one of the most spiritual baptismal interviews of my mission.  There is a man named Leandro, who has been working with missionaries for several months to overcome some serious addictions that he has.  It is amazing how much effort it takes to quit drinking.  We had the interview in the Sacrament Room  (I know Sacrament Room sounds wrong, but salon sacramental is the only name I can think of)  The lights were cut in the middle of the interview, but there was light outside and the emergency power lights.  Leandro has such a strong testimony.  His missionaries told me that his baptism was one of the most spiritual baptisms in his mission.

Everyone has been foretelling my future.  And by everyone I mean two people.  But it’s weird.  

One of our Recent Converts has been helping a family member receive the missionary discussions.  His cousin is going to be baptized this week.  The coolest part about teaching him is that we didn't have to invite him to read the Book of Mormon.  He did that.  And he made his cousin ask God if it was true too.  Studs.

Another convert has been sharing the gospel with all the world.  She takes her Book of Mormon everywhere she goes and wants to serve a mission.

Recent Converts are the best.  I think we all need to be a little more 'recent converted'

Well I will be sure to add pictures next week! Have a great week!


*Elder Taylor Ball*

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