Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013 Don't Sweat it Joe

I don´t know who Joe is, but it´s a good name that goes with the first part of the title.  Last week I kind of freaked out because of a family that we are working with, who have some Jehovah Witness roots started to go all JW on us.  I was frustrated and spent a few hours Sunday night studying up special biblical scriptures to prove that we are right.  I proudly presented my list Monday thinking that it was going to solve EVERYTHING.  The thing is it only made everything worse.

Don´t get me wrong.  We should study and be ready to help people find the doctrine in the Bible.  We did that this week with a recent convert who started to have some doubts because she didn´t believe that God had a body.  We shared a few scriptures and she was good as new.  She said it was such a relief to know that she wasn´t in a false church.  But it didn´t work that way with the other family.

In the end I found out the best thing I could do was take away the list I gave them and focus on the normal discussions with them.  I didn´t make the list to Bible Bash.  But I guess that´s how it came across.  Bible Bashing doesn´t work.

Haha this week we were walking in a street when a Protestant Minister stopped us.  He started spouting out doctrine quoting about One God, One Faith, One Baptism.  He asked to see my Book of Mormon and saw a picture that I had inside. ´´AHA Graven Images!´´ he said.  And then he doubled the cover all the way over until it touched the back cover.  That was when he went too far.  You can say what you want, but when you start to mess with my scriptures, it's time to go. I told him to give me back my book.  He held onto it for a few more seconds.  I ordered him to let go of my book.  He let go.  We walked away.

The mission is full of experiences like that.  The Jehovah Witness family went to church this last Sunday.  We are now focusing on helping them have family home evenings.  There are a bunch of things that happen in life, but you can´t let it get you down.  Humor Helps.

In Argentina it is not uncommon to see people making out everywhere.  When we passed by a couple kissing, Elder Arendarczuk said, ´´Ugh, pornography.´´ I laughed so hard.

Well that is really all I have time for.  I am attaching some pictures so that you all can print them out and add them to your personal shrines of me.  
*Elder Taylor Ball*

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