Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 14, 2013 Life in the City of Miracles

My area is really called City of Miracles.  It´s living up to its name thus far.  I am super excited to be working with Elder Oyarzun.  (There is a picture of him below)  It makes me think about Elder Keele, because I am now living with 3 chilenos.  (Como estai po loco?  Aqui esta to´´o terrible bakan.) 

Well we are starting to get some rain.  I am not complaining, we are heading into summer and I like the cool weather.

I am contacting a lot more people.  Today on the bus I talked with a bunch of people.  It is funny to see reactions that people have.  Some people are desperate not to talk with us.  But most are willing to listen.  Tuesday I contacted someone who practically started to cry telling us about how her daughter died.  It is hailing pretty large pebbles outside.  It is really cool to see, but I don´t think it will last more than 10 minutes.

I gave my first Zone training meeting with Elder Oyarzun.  It is amazing how the spirit guided us to say certain things.

I love you!

Talk with you next week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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