Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18, 2013 Last Transfer

Today we begin my last transfer.  I have so much that I need to learn and do this transfer.  Its exciting.

This last week was a good one.  Elder Oyarzun did something that I have never done.  After a lunch appointment, he opened his Book of Mormon and shared a scripture about Tithing, asked them what they understood about the doctrine, and asked them what they were going to do to live it.  The incredible thing is that the father of the family is less active.  And he came to church this Sunday and paid his tithing.

I guess we can all learn to be more bold and straightforward when sharing the gospel.  Sometimes I complicate things by saying too much.  I have had more success in baptizing when I went to Tucuman.  The big difference there was that I spoke slower and more simply.  I was obligated to speak slower because nobody understood me.  The local dialect was a little different to the Spanish I was used to.  And usually people listen better when we speak slowly and softly.

I remember Mr. Clark (Now Elder Clark)  had a sign on his wall.  

K.I.S.S.  - Keep It Simple Stupid.  
He was right.

 Today I said goodbye to a few Elders.  Elder Zulauf (Hi family in Cali!)  and Elder Barton from the MTC.

I also saw Elder Garbanzo in the Terminal.
*Elder Taylor Ball*

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