Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4, 2013 Working with Members

I love how President Monson is so focused on working with members.  We have a lot to do to improve in this aspect, but Sunday night was extraordinary in this way.  We passed by a returned missionary and we asked her for a referral, and then we asked her to go with us to present us. 

Afterwards we went with a couple to visit a family that hasn't been progressing.  We sat back and let the members do the teaching.  haha, we just shared a scripture.  It was great because they had a bad experience the last time they went to church because their children were misbehaving.  The members we went with have 11 kids, so they were able to share a few of their own horror stories.  They committed them to go to church, and they promised to go by and look for them Sunday morning.

We were then hurrying to our last visit.  We had a detour and went by a member’s house.  The dad is less active and is our young men president.  He said no, but we insisted.  Finally he said that he would drive us there.  My companion said, I accept.  (It sounds a lot more funny in Spanish)  then because the visit fell through, we talked with him in the car for a while, and helped come up with some goals to improve some things in his life. Tonight we are going to bring some investigators and have a family home evening in his house.

Elder Oyarzun is an amazing missionary.  I am learning a lot!

Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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