Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013 Don't Be Trunky

Week one of this transfer was a long week.  Mainly because I remembered that it was my last transfer.  This week was better but there still were constant reminders.  Last night as I put Dec 1 in my Journal, I realized how easy it was to know how many days I have left knowing that I leave the last day of the month.  UGH!

Don't  Be Trunky

Haha.  Today though I was impressed by one of the missionary `giants`that we have in this mission.  He extended his mission and is super determined to give 100% to the end.  I want to be like that!

That being said . . . 

This week was fun.  After a long door contact where the man repeatedly denied letting us enter into his home, I told him ``Usted esta equivocando feo no aceptando nos``  (You are making a big mistake in not letting us in).  He didn`t like that answer too much.  But we got to be sincere right?
haha yeah . . . kind of lost my patience.  But it felt really good to say it.

Anyways, This is going to be an exciting week!  We have Christmas Zone Conference!

Have a great week!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

Letters get to me in about 3 weeks.  I am in Salta so I get things when they come.  But that being said, this week should probably be the last week you send me anything by mail.

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