Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 9, 2013 My Birthday Was Great

My Birthday was great!  What did I do?  Weekly planning and missionary work!  YEAH!  really no difference from any day.  

It was a fantastic week.  The girl who was baptized three weeks ago is in 2nd Nephi chapter 6.  We are super excited with how consistent and dedicated she is.  She is going to endure to the end!

Monday night my comp was sick.  He had a fever and felt terrible.  We bought some medicine, and because I couldn't find anyone to stay with him and work with me, I stayed and cleaned the apartment.  It shined afterwards!  Elder Oyarzun asked for a blessing that night.  And the next day he was much better.  So we were able to work.

Later in the week we felt like we should pass by a less active family.  So we went and they were super excited to receive us!  I was very impressed because before they didn't want to hear anything.  Then we found out that the Grandmother (who isn't a member and is in her mid 70's)  was praying that we would come that day.  She wanted to listen to us.  We gave them a Book of Mormon, and the next day they went to church with us!  BINGO!   (But not really, because missionaries don't play Bingo)

Sunday night we had a big surprise in that we received permission to go to the Christmas devotional.  It started at 10 pm local time and ended at 11:30 . . . but President gave us permission to go.  We went with a less active brother.  It was wonderful.  Very different from past devotionals.

Have a great week!  I have to go to work!

*Elder Taylor Ball*

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